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  1. But for speculation sake from what I hear is it wasn’t natural cause nor intentional.
  2. Definitely not going to speculate anymore lest Herbie Handcock appear and give me another berating....
  3. Oxy is pretty much as bad as they come too it’s a major respiratory depressant on its own and when combined with booze It’s amplified lots of young deaths just happen by falling asleep then they stop breathing, doesn’t take long after that
  4. The info is correct in and of itself in the way we use it and while of course I agree with you anything made in an actual lab Is cleaner and more controlled it doesn’t change the fact that fentanyl is a synthetic opioid itself which leads to easier less involved and way less expensive replication, I feel for you man have lots of friends who went down that road in pain management and never came back there is no reason something that dangerous should be so easily made on the street, the scary one is dilaudid there are 3 ER’s in the Houston area that I know of that post signs stating they don’t
  5. But as for how easy it is to Od on the shit is very strong the adult dosage for pain relief is in micrograms
  6. Combat medics carry fentanyl lollipops for pain relief on those you can’t get iv access on, supposedly they self manage with those putting them around their finger and they dose enough to fall asleep but not OD.
  7. Fentanyl works pretty good in EMS for pain relief it’s strong as hell and in the correct doses less chance of snowing someone and sending them into respiratory arrest like morphine can and it has a very short working period given iv it only lasts 15-20 minutes
  8. Yea dude the coroner will release cause of death to the public do you even know what the fuck you’re talking about? Seriously man maybe try acting like closetohumping who sent me a cordial message asking to me to take it down which I promptly did instead of going on the attack like the bitch you are. I know you fancy yourself a steroid expert maybe consider dialing back on the gear you fucking incel
  9. Yes dickhead I have such a sense of self importance that I try to share information, it’s dickheads like you that are a part of the reason shit like this still occurs because people don’t understand how dangerous it is and are afraid to talk about it
  10. My apologies meant no disrespect
  11. Also, with tasers too close of too far and they don’t work at all the barbs have to be a certain distance apart to deliver the shock,see the video of the Harris county shooting
  12. You said non lethally.....i suppose a taser might of worked, but if not and they’ve been known to fail you end up 6 feet away from a person with a kitchen knife who now has their sights on you, that cop is in a lose lose situation, do nothing he’s screwed for watching someone get stabbed, shoot her and he gets the villain treatment while saving someone’s life and as good of a thought as it is, no police are trained to tase someone with a deadly weapon, especially when they are in the process of trying to use it.
  13. Ever seen a stab wound? especially from a large blade? I wouldn’t say odds of lethality are low at all, and even if you live pretty big chance it’s life altering..... but hey as long as your attacker is alive right?
  14. So you’d be ok with your attacker being allowed to stab you a few times to protect your assailant’s life?
  15. Disregard saw you said website try CORAD
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