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  1. He must have supported Trump when he campaigned on getting out the Middle East eh? The bastard gets in power and cannot pull the trigger in getting the fuck out of the ME, because muh' MIC pressure!!
  2. Bring the troops home, all of them, from everywhere. @jimmyjazz, do you see how your beloved WP and NYT outlets are full of intellectual dishonesty here?
  3. This is a good point. Perhaps a different weapon that is not as lethal? A taser? A gun with those rubber bullets?
  4. Put me in the camp that views Public Education, The Majority of Higher Education and Academia, and the Media as being slanted and comprised of mostly folks that hold a Leftist leaning ideology so of course the chances of posters here starting on the left is much higher (assuming they attend college.) Also in Red States, if they start on the right, you would expect them to veer center or left center after 12-15 years of education from institutions that are liberal/left. Not that the intentions of the Left aren't good, I'm just opposed to the whole idea that they get to use government as a vehicle to force others to conform to their views as opposed to independently compelling others through private means to see it their way and allowing their ideas to win over time. Basically: "Democracy means that the majority gets to piss in the soup of the minority." Unlike the Left, this is the strategy of the small l Ron Paulians and Rothbardians within the libertarian movement. It's as if our real education in life begins after College, when we enter the work force and have kids. Only then, does one realize how hard it is, given the current 1.4 trillion dollar financed swamp, to raise a family or buy a house or pay for college. We argue about who will get elected, what this politician said or did, or what Trump tweeted about in narcissistic fashion, but the real story is that the Swamp is still there, and it's the trillion dollar budget that needs to be choked out and reduced. Trump did no such thing when he signed the omnibus bill. Anyway, That's an interesting study. PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY READY TO KILL EACH OTHER IN THE POLITICAL FORUMS BECAUSE THEIR FOOTBALL PROGRAMS SUCK ASS!!
  5. I'm for questioning everything, but what are your thoughts on the below take? While no one is the absolute “keeper” of others in that we are not responsible for everyone’s safety when we are not present, every man is his brother’s keeper in that we are not to commit violent acts against them or allow others to do so if we can prevent it. This sort of “keeping” is something God rightfully demands of everyone, on the grounds of both justice and love. If this indeed is the correct interpretation, then it would seem the parishioner's actions were consistent with the principles of the Christian faith, namely the notion that "I am my brother's keeper."
  6. You're right, my bad. I'm not entrenched in the board as much as others and mainly hang in the Cloak Room so in all honesty I'm not informed as to the political leanings of everyone on the board that do not post in the CR. It has been my experience that the CR seems to be more progressive than conservative or libertarian based on the most active users. Call it my opinion from my limited experience.
  7. What specifically? Bearing arms in the church or killing the shooter?
  8. You ought to replace the gun with a symbol that represents justice and love.
  9. Okay I got you. My last two sentences in my response were not directed at the poster but more toward political narratives being pushed over the last 3 years from the TDS-Radical Left-Gun Control-MSM blob that try to compel others to support more government limitations on 2A rights. That, and the fact he tried to make it as if Christians somehow were bad because they allowed guns into the place where they worship. It's commonplace and mainstream to criticize Christians and Christianity, but the minute you criticize any other religion, you are woke scolded into oblivion. No offense Surly. I can't tell the victim's loved ones how they should feel but you and I and everyone else on the Surly know, with out a shred of doubt, that if nobody was armed in that church , that instead of 2 victims loved ones being affected, it would have been way more. What tribe am I a part of that spiked the football? The entire Cloak Room is dominated by mainly one ideology. When a tragic event happens like this, the solutions go one way only. Any argument for the 2A is laughed at, especially when you remind those that are for limiting 2A rights that the Founders intended on the populace being armed to be able to fight against a tyrannical government. I just happened to be a little emotionally charged on this one as it really is an example to my point about meeting mass shooters with violent force to thwart the losses. We have to have an honest debate about what the common factors were with these mass violence (stabbings, guns, physical violence leading to death,) situations and just be informed as the violence will always be there; we can only hope to minimize it. But I assure you, banning or limiting guns will not stop humans from being violent to one another. And you can't trust the cops to protect you, a court case already ruled that they have no obligation to protect you. I think we ought to stop looking at the guns and look at the mental factors that lead those to commit mass violence and normalize the idea of law-abiding citizens carrying to protect the defenseless, rather than calling those that are proud to carry and protect "gun nuts". There are cops unwilling to protect you and we are forced to pay them, but law abiding citizens will voluntarily protect you without hesitation. What's wrong with any of that?
  10. Pffftttt. Weak ass come back. Address the issues and points or else I’ll just assume you agree with me. Glad we agree on gun rights!
  11. Twitter. The decentralized (supposedly) platform that gives Independent media a voice outside the mainstream controlled narratives. There are liberals that actually don’t suffer from TDS on there, can you believe that? You oughta try it. The WP and NYT are much more intellectually dishonest than what you perceive me to be.
  12. Holy shit, we got Jimmy “gotcha” James and his bro Jimmy “gotcha” Jazz bro-in’ out and tag teaming me with their witty gotcha styles. The spectacle of it all!! You guys really got me!!! /goodfellas laffing .gif
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