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  1. Here are a couple of things I've noticed playing online. I've noticed if somebody limps or does the minimum raise (.25/.50 they raise to 1.00) from early position they have a big pair and are begging to be raised. It's about the only time I simply call preflop. Another thing I've picked up on is if you're in the blinds and everyone folds to the button if they raise less than 3 times the BB they are trying to steal (.25/.50 they raise it to 1.25) I always reraise no matter what cards I have and whether I'm in BB or SB. I would guess that 90% of the time they fold to my 3 bet. It's been quite profitable.
  2. Yeah that sucks. Monday night was similar for me. I've been playing .25/.50 in zone poker online. Very fast paced so you can win/lose quite a bit of money in a short amount of time. Buy in $50. I had worked my way up to $90 and got JJ. Villian had KK. Flop 910J. I read it correctly that he had a big pocket pair and I raised his bet on the flop. Turn was a 5 and he bet again and I raised him all in. He thought about it for a long time and called. River was the Q. He had me covered too. Rebuy for another $50, build my way to about $70, have 10 10, villian has 55. Flop was 347. He bets, I raise, he calls. Turn is a 10. He bets I raise, he shoves all in and I call. He hits the 6 on the river and also had me covered. Even though I had made the right plays and gotten my money in as a big favorite, I couldn't help but get tilted and lost another $50 before I quit for the night. So yeah, Monday night -$150. Tuesday night I start playing again and build my way to about $70. Get dealt 66. Flop is 446 with 2 diamonds. It's a 3 way pot and we all have between $65-70. Player one bets the pot and player 2 raises. I'm sitting there with a full house. So I call and player one shoves all in! Player 2 calls and I obviously do also. Player 1 has 45 and player 2 has AK of diamonds. I hold on and triple up. I made up my losses from Monday in one hand. Variance sucks. Getting your money in as a 80% favorite means you'll lose 1 out of 5 times. It's a bitter pill to swallow but it happens. Play solid poker and in the long run you''ll make money.
  3. I've been playing on Ignition. They have Zone Poker. 6 handed you are instantly moved to another table and dealt a new hand as soon as you fold. So there is no down time. It's quite addictive. I'm getting in around 150 hands per hour and am playing at .10/.25. Day 1 +$75 Day 2 -$100 BOO! Day 3 +$50
  4. I'm just googling this stuff, but 2 different sites claim BetOnline is legit and it is ranked in the top 5 for US poker sites in both traffic and credibility. 2 sites to avoid are Carbon Poker and OddsPoker https://www.cardschat.com/poker-site-reviews.php
  5. Looks like there are 2 options that get a decent amount of traffic. ACR and Ignition. ACR is similar to the sites I used to play on back in the day. You have a name that everyone can see and if they have the tracking software, they have statistics on every hand you've played and can use that info against you. I used to have the software and once you learn how to use it, it can be quite helpful. Ignition is anonymous, so the tracking software doesn't work. You just have a numbered seat. Both sites are available to be played on mobile devices.
  6. Nevermind. A quick google search says you can play from a mobile device or Ipad.
  7. I believe he was referring to the value of bitcoin, not anything against coinbase. Coinbase is regulated and based in the US, so I wouldn't be afraid of using it. Sucks not being able to play. Is ACR the only option out there? I might have to sign up if this drags on much longer. The only problem is my home PC is old. Is it possible to play on an Ipad?
  8. I played a dumb hand. AA, made it $10 to go, BB only caller, flop Ax 8x 2h. Check, check. Turn 4h. Check, I bet $10, he calls. River 10h. He bets $30. I call, he had the flush (7h5h). The only time I slow play is if I have a straight flush or quads. This is why. You never know what giving a free card is going to cost you. Luckily I read the situation correctly and didn't raise.
  9. How would you guys play this? 1/3 $300. Stack is $600, you're in EP with AcKs. Raise it to $10, very good reg on the button ($1000+) and BB ($200) call. Flop Ad 8h 7d. I Bet $20, button makes it $75, BB calls.
  10. I played again last night after the disaster earlier where I got felted twice with a K high flush and a smaller full house once. First 15 minutes I get 4h4d in CO. Flop 3c4c4s. Quads. There were only 2 of us and he was BB and bets into me. I call. Turn 5c. He bets I call. River 6c. He shoves all in. I mean really? After getting felted 3 times my last outing I was sure he had the 7c. I called. He had Ac3s. Phew. Wound up getting another $100, so profited $400 for the night. I
  11. $300 buy in. I spent several hours building my stack up to $600 by winning small/medium sized pots. Get KcQc in EP. Raise, 2 callers. Flop Jc 8c 2c. I bet half the pot, fold, call. The next 2 cards were blanks and I bet the turn, got called, bet the river and the guy shoves all in on me. I called. He had Ac5c. Ouch. He had me covered so I had to rebuy. A few hands later I got all in with KK against a couple of stacks that had around $100. One guy had QQ and the other AJ and I held on, so back to around $500. In the big blind I've got Ks10s. Guy in MP raises to $10, 2 callers plus me. Flop Kh Js 2s. I check, he bets $25, fold, fold, I make it $75. He calls. Turn 4s. I bet $100, he raises all in. I call and of course he had As Qs. River obviously doesn't matter and he's got me covered. Unreal. I re-buy another $300. A few hands later I have 88, flop is 10 8 5. Turn 5. River J. I get it all in against a guy and he has pocket 10's. Not an ideal evening.
  12. I had 3 interesting hands the other night against the same villian. 1/3 $300. I'd only been there a few minutes and didn't know anyone at the table. I'm in MP and have 22. Folds to me and I make it $12. Button calls everyone else folds. Flop is rainbow AJ4. I bet $25, he calls. Turn 8. I debate checking but decided to fire another bet to maybe get him to fold a weak ace or jack. So I bet $80. He calls right away. River is a 2. I bet the rest of my stack. He calls. I announce I have a set and when I flip my deuces he mucks and throws a minor fit. I'm guessing he had 2 pair. Fast forward an hour. I'm up to $700 and the same guy is back up to $500ish. I have 8s9s and am out of position. Flop 234 rainbow. I bet about half the pot, he calls, 2 others fold. Turn A. I bet half the pot again and he calls. River 5. So there is a 5 high straight on the board. I check and he bets all in. It was a really good bet on his part. After much deliberation I called. I decided he made a good read that I had given up on the hand and had nothing to lose by trying to bet me out of the hand. He had J 10 so we split. A bit later I'm QdJd on the button. I have about $650, villian has similar. MP raises to $15. I 3bet to $45 to hopefully isolate. Same guy as the other 2 hands calls along with the original raiser. Flop Qc10d9d. That's right, top pair, open ended straight flush draw. Villian checks, other guy checks, I bet $100. Villian calls, other guy folds. Turn 2c. He check calls my $200 bet. River 3s. He bets all in and has me barely covered. What do you do?
  13. Played in a home game last night. $50 buy in $.25/.50. 15-20 minutes in I was BB Kc2c, villian was EP. He limped in along with one other. Flop 3,8,Q rainbow. I bet the pot, villian calls, other guy folds. Turn is 2. So I have bottom pair and check. Villian goes all in. Any normal bet and I'm auto folding. I just couldn't rationalize what he's doing. We hadn't been playing long enough to have a feel for his betting patterns, so I just sat there trying to figure out what he could possibly have. I ultimately decided to call. He turned over A7, not suited and he whiffed the river. So I doubled up on a pair of 2's. Come to find out that's how this guy played. If he was in a hand and you showed weakness he'd go all in regardless of pot size. Odd strategy. Later, I'm on the button with 66 and villian had limped along with one other. I raise it up 4x and both blinds fold and both limpers call. Flop comes 57K rainbow. Villian bets the minimum and I raise to a normal pot size bet. He calls. Turn card is an 8. He bets the minimum again and I simply call with my open ended straight draw. River is the 4. Villian could literally have anything as his range is seemingly unlimited. He of course goes all in with his $60 because I had shown weakness when I called his small bet on the turn. I call, he actually had 77 for trips, but my straight beats him. Fun night. I cashed out for $180.
  14. Anyone play online at Ignition? It was recommended by a friend and I gave it a try last night.
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