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  1. Tell this man to watch Osmosis Jones... People want their soda pop.
  2. Forgot season 8 has been going on. Caught up on episodes 1 through 6 and still has the same premise but good to watch.
  3. 2020 The Hunt < No Escape 2015 Back to back. Father figure survival over the apathetic actress in a mashed up movie of three
  4. "like a rocket ship, it's gonna go up" Melania "laughs"
  5. On a side note... The Reporter was a good movie. Did a search on Feinstein during flick and wiki already has the sell-off mentioned on her page
  6. Damn... What do you tell the American people that are watching you. Trump "your a terrible reporter" Burned.
  7. Vipboxtv says hello
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