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  1. Young adulthood cut short... Would like to see whose pointing the finger.
  2. Wow, the cat and mouse car chases were amusing. Really didn't see the ending coming, awesome. Really enjoyed watching the 69 charger driving full speed.
  3. Been playing the 9 Hole golf courses (Butler, Hancock, Harvey) but can't seem to get in Lockhart. They tell me I need a pass to enter park but calling in had me waiting 52min. on phone. The website for day passes is like a maze. Finally found link... Looking forward to the weekend
  4. Really gonna enjoy soccer today. English Premier League MATCH TIME (CT) TV AVLv SHU 12:00 PM MNCv ARS 2:15 PM Italian Coppa Italia MATCH TIME (CT) TV NAPv JUV 2:00 PM
  5. Has been on my watch list. Finally got to see all episode and I would say the show falls flat on its face. The concepts are neat but putting a timeline on all episode to the end doesn't sit well. It's a meh...
  6. Memento... Some how the movie was brought up in a conversation and had to watch it again. Infancy genius for Christopher Nolan. Will be waiting for his new release... Tenet.
  7. I'll shed a tear for Luby's. Highland mall to 183/cameron, to Oltorf, to sunset valley and finally Slaughter. Miss jap bread, ice t, strawberry cake dessert, and finally the trolley lady.
  8. Anyone try the BBQ at the new HEB in Austin. Heard line was out the door and the drive thru was a stand still...
  9. john malkovich makes the show. Should headline for season 2; plays the part effortlessly. Also, the B rated show actors are all A +.
  10. Not to derail but damn... Carry on
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