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  1. This is ridiculous. Been fighting to log in, doing the "it's me" and not them issues (reboots, reset, blah blah). Finally got a hold of someone and told us it's district wide and to retry every 15 min.
  2. Truly happy for him and to see him give it a shot. Hope to see him on Sunday's. Now release that anger and pop some heads.
  3. No galindo talk...2020 😒
  4. Desmond fake laugh, heibstreit teleprompter tool, and rece davis sssssss lispe had me leaning to do yard work.
  5. Found and watched this underdog movie based on real events in the game of chess. Very uplifting (released Sept. 4)
  6. Double dragon, maze hunter 3d, and every pinball machine out there.
  7. Legend of Korra. Not an anime buff but show is very good. Starting S4 and each episode is about 24min
  8. Halohal

    New Site Motto

    Let's get stir crazy
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