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  1. The Leon news is unbelievable. But also somehow so on brand for aggy.
  2. $800 for all four (or best offer). Lunch buffet included. One thing- Im in Houston and this is last second so is there a way to send electronically? Might be moot if not.
  3. the west end of the orange bowl was not a safe place for opposing teams to be. Thug U students used to have gunbattles amongst themselves for fun. Miami is a small private school with a very non-thug fan base. More like a country club for Jewish kids from the east coast who prefer sunshine to snow. It’s SMU on South Beach. The players, in complete contrast, were on the opposite end of the spectrum, especially in the 80s and 90s.
  4. Yeah but not sure how I’d get them to you at this point- I’m in Houston.
  5. Section 28C, about as good as it gets. Watch us kill Terry Bradshaw’s school in style. PM if interested
  6. Who is Fitlump and when was he supposed to have visited (and who invited him)? Many questions.
  7. The road leading in is in decent shape. There is a floating dock in the cove. Its truly one of the prettiest properties on the lake. 15% off for shaggy members.
  8. 631 ACRES W/ PRIVATE COVE 35 minutes to DKR. The posters on this site are like 65% billionaires so this is the perfect forum. do it.
  9. My favorite is when aggy attempts to boast about their academic successes. Featuring none other than Daniel Figurelli aka texag7
  10. I cannot believe Daniel is still at it after getting exposed and ruining his name in such epic fashion. He was also recently discovered on the SECrant website under the name of texag7. Its baffling. He truly cannot help himself.
  11. So our old friend Daniel Figurelli is at it again. Just got exposed on SECrant. Thread is gold. texag7 = Daniel
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