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  1. Theatening PMs? You're such a pussy.
  2. You think they are known for consistency?
  3. I'll just keep coming back, like I have since 2004 through the Hornfans and Shaggy days.
  4. And I had posted it first, no need for you to be a dick and neg me for it, just because I'm not some self-annointed AP Top 25 Poll poster.
  5. Duplicate my ass, this was posted first. Now kindly go fuck yourself.
  6. and yet you were sensitive enough to neg me and pick a fight. Get over it.
  7. Don't start no shit and there won't be no shit.
  8. Texas made a pretty big jump up to #13. ISU up to #18 should help out as well. Surprised Washington State didn't move up at all. WVU and OU are well positioned, should Michigan stumble (doubtful)
  9. Fuck you, it was a copy and paste tech glitch you fucktard.
  10. https://collegefootball.ap.org/poll 1- AlabamaSEC10-01,525(61)vs Mississippi State W 24-0Share 2- ClemsonACC10-01,459@ Boston College W 27-7Share 3- Notre DameDivision I FBS Ind10-01,406vs Florida State W 42-13Share 4- MichiganBig Ten9-11,327@ Rutgers W 42-7Share 5- GeorgiaSEC9-11,288vs Auburn W 27-10Share 6- OklahomaBig 129-11,188vs Oklahoma State W 48-47Share 7- West VirginiaBig 128-11,111vs TCU W 47-10Share 8 Washington StatePac-129-11,052@ Colorado W 31-7Share 9 Ohio StateBig Ten9-11,050@ Michigan State W 26-6Share 10 LSUSEC8-21,019@ Arkansas W 24-17Share 11- UCFThe American9-0983vs Navy W 35-24Share 12 SyracuseACC8-2787vs Louisville W 54-23Share 13 TexasBig 127-3726@ Texas Tech W 41-34Share 14- Utah StateMountain West9-1689vs San Jose State W 62-24Share 15 FloridaSEC7-3575vs South Carolina W 35-31Share 16 Penn StateBig Ten7-3542vs Wisconsin W 22-10Share 17 WashingtonPac-127-3501_Share 18 Iowa StateBig 126-3497vs Baylor W 28-14Share 19 CincinnatiThe American9-1344vs South Florida W 35-23Share 20 KentuckySEC7-3337@ Tennessee L 24-7Share 21- UtahPac-127-3307vs Oregon W 32-25Share 22 Boston CollegeACC7-3254vs Clemson L 27-7Share 23- Boise StateMountain West8-2147vs Fresno State W 24-17Share 24- NorthwesternBig Ten6-4136@ Iowa W 14-10Share 25 Mississippi StateSEC6-4133@ Alabama L 24-0Share
  11. It's an afternoon (2:30) game. Then maybe its time to make it a 12 team league. A three-way tie ala 2008 that would expose the lack of foresight by this conference would be another blunder (ala 2014) bringing the major LOLz.
  12. They aren't beating WV in Morgantown. And if they somehow do, they definitely aren't beating them twice in a row.
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