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  1. Neg repping Alison Brie gifs? Too far.
  2. About to get crowdsourced anyway
  3. We have no clue what coronavirus CFR is at this point. Everyone is just guessing.
  4. There's plenty of people mentioning politicians names on this thread. Pence, Trump, etc
  5. Probably, but there was a different politcal party in power at the time so the media didn't have an agenda to spread panic.
  6. Why are deaths from coronavirus so high in Italy? https://www.livescience.com/why-italy-coronavirus-deaths-so-high.html#xenforo-comments-1250
  7. Trump actually is behind the coronavirus pandemic, just like Bush steered Hurricane Katrina into New Orleans in 2005. Motherfuckers.
  8. As long as your political opinions trend to the left you can do whatever the fuck you want on here.
  9. Nah the hive mind wants to bring the cloak room here no matter what. Just as long as you are on the blue team it’s all good.
  10. Um, don't fucking post it? It's really not that difficult.
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