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  1. I think there are multiple issues in play with initial testing strategy. - The supply will certainly be limited. Going from 0 supply produced to millions in a few days is not easy. Especially with the quality control needed to get something this serious, “right”. Only doing the test at concentrated locations will improve efficiency. - Putting the testing in locations that can have biggest impact. These 6800/8800 are big, expensive instruments. Connecting them to an IT system, to report back to as many ordering locations as possible to report data, etc... is already in place for Labcorp, Quest, etc... Not at every hospital lab in country. - Having fewer locations to amass the data and send to CDC, etc... will help the experts watch the trends, quality, various strand origins, etc... The testing is a game changer. Next is vaccine and/or treatment (think Tamiflu). Once all 3 are in place, we are back to normal managing this like many of other medical issues.
  2. If older Vegas hotels were smart, they us the time to shut down, borrow $$$ at 0%, and do cosmetic upgrades. It will be a free for all when Vegas reopens and you don’t want to compete with a shithole setup.
  3. This option might improve draft position and signing bonuses for some of those seniors. They have a choice unlock every other year.
  4. Has the rest of 2020 season been cancelled or just suspended until a certain date?
  5. What is story on the helmet stickers? Seems a bit Busch..
  6. Wallace pitched against Arizona.
  7. With Madden and Elder, this team will be just fine.
  8. Who does Pierce close with?
  9. Way better than zero.
  10. Texas has no hits through 5 innings.
  11. I’m guessing it will either go to 100 or to 435.
  12. In the places that have closed these 750 polling locations, can you only vote on Election Day or do they allow weeks of early voting options, too?
  13. I see 5 errors on the box score.
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