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  1. Who all on the Texas golf team is the in the US Amateur? Hammer, Coody, Coody? Anyone else?
  2. I was referring to the fact that Champ is half-black and has an amazing swing.
  3. I’m a Richey Werenski fan.
  4. Once the AAV is about 4-5 under water it almost physically impossible to open the top-hatches. It takes almost all strength an average Marine has to unlatch and open. Combine that with the fact that the vehicle commander and driver hatch is open, once the AAV goes below surface it is just a matter of seconds before it is gone.
  5. One protest is going to Kathy Tovos house. I think she lives just north of campus. I laughed at an earlier post that talks about cops making overtime during these protests to defund police. Good stuff.
  6. For the record.... I, Longhorn, do not have any intent to shoot a protester (with or without an AK-47), California roll a right on red, or aggressively honk my horn this weekend or in the future. Thank you, Longhorn.
  7. I’m pretty sure the only people that can set up a CHOP is the city government.
  8. I will wager that the jury will believe that a guy with an AK47, at the ready, escalated this situation. And based on all of his interviews prior to the event, knew he was escalating.
  9. I’m aware. Are you aware that Perry is the first guy in history to run a red light on a right turn?
  10. “He created the situation, he escalated the situation,”
  11. Do you think the guy with the AK47 knew it was illegal to walk down the middle of the street and block vehicle traffic?
  12. Good points. I now see how Perry was the one who created this situation.
  13. Was Perry the one walking down the middle of Congress Avenue who was carrying an AK 47 and pounding on car or was he the guy who got shot and died?
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