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  1. Yep. That’s how it works. Go win something, if you can. That’s what your problem has been.
  2. Obama and Biden nominated a judge, as the rules allow. The senate didn’t bring it to a vote because they didn’t think the people wanted it. Trump and Pence will nominate a judge. The senate will bring it to a vote because they think the people want it. Not one law changed, state created, SCOTUS addition, etc...
  3. Google the words I wrote. More than you can read in a day on it. Find me tomorrow and we can review it together.
  4. Good luck, pal. Republicans won the presidency and the Senate. They get to pick SCOTUS. We didn’t make the rules. You are butt hurt over it but it is the will of the people. They voted in two elections to set this control (2016 and 2018). Cry in the corner over it and call it illegal, and threaten to shoot republicans, burn the streets, whatever. Your only response is to change the rules. That is fucking aggy as hell. Win on the field. Good luck.
  5. You only asked for 1. I’m not going to teach you to read.
  6. Plenty of this already exists in Pelosi’s House. This isn’t new. Her lieutenants have said fuck the rules, fuck the norms, fuck the tradition and she did what she wanted. Plenty of examples. Don’t throw stones.
  7. What is the cutoff date to nominate and vote?
  8. Moar!! I love it. Sluuuurrrrrrpppppp. Feed me. I’ve already read the quotes by googling them. All 3, and Obama, are on record saying that filling a seat is the right thing to do. Don’t get mad at Trump. Your own party has endorsed this.
  9. I love it when there is no good way out. Just a fuck you. Thanking for making my day and feeding my soul.
  10. Anyone have quotes from Biden, Harris, Schumer, etc.... in 2016 when Obama put forward Garland Merrick? What was there opinion on how to handle this situation?
  11. I remember these types of clips from Congressmen during the Clinton impeachment and then those same Congressmen did the exact opposite during Trumps impeachment. Politics is a bitch.
  12. Russian investigation, impeachment, Kavanaugh, etc... is all about to come to roost.
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