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  1. The world treats winners different than it treats losers.
  2. I’d just like to see him hit one in Nebraska this year.
  3. Yep. RPI won’t help with Kansas and Sam wins. Only way to improve is having our earlier schedule continue to do well. The predictions don’t account for conference tournaments either, so we can improve there. I haven’t looked at all scenarios, but there may still be a remote shot at winning the conference? edit: nevermind. I see Tech and OU play last series. Texas can’t pass them.
  4. Also need Alabama and SC to win a few of their last 4-5 games. Both are real close to top 50 RPI.
  5. Adios, mofo. *translated: see you later old friend.
  6. Nixon seems to walk too many guys.
  7. Is this guy throwing a no-hitter so far?
  8. Our starter pitched 0.0 innings and gave up 7 runs.
  9. Wild pitch. Man on 3rd no outs.
  10. I believe they were saying “turkey” for the curtain call.
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