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  1. I really like what we have in the midfield, forward, and at goalkeeper. Probably the most talented roster we've had at those positions under Kelly. The big question is defense (FB and CB). The only proven player there is Regan. There is a lot of talent coming in at those positions with Lapomarda, Pace, Samanani, and Bluemel. Lapomarda and Pace were both high 4 stars in recruiting. They probably need to put one of these technical midfielders/forwards at center back.
  2. They may put Bluemel in a defensive midfield role. I guess it depends on if they have options at center back. IMO our biggest weakness last year was lack of technical ability out of the back. When Texas could get the ball to attacking players they were dangerous. I hope we are looking for more technical players out of the back. Somebody like Mshana was an absolute workhorse out of the back but the lack of technical ability killed us at times because of our inability to possess the ball. One of Berg, Grosso or Missimo would play up top. My guess is Berg.
  3. Yes. They followed each other. Crowdus started following Roach, Harris and Brooks. Wells, Harris, Roach, and Brooks also started following Crowdus today. Maybe they're just getting quotes on a potential visit (assuming it happens with Covid19).
  4. Justin Wells, Nick Harris, and Mike Roach have all started following each other today. something is going on there.
  5. Crowdus also liked Coffey’s tweet from last night. Thats my guess on who it is.
  6. Started following Dekel Crowdus and Crowdus has recently started following several Longhorn related accounts.
  7. Ibraheem, Coffey and Shemar Turner all recently started following each other on twitter.
  8. Could be but I doubt it based on UT and Hartzell's history with this stuff. People act like Texas is unwilling to make changes. They've been renaming buildings and tearing down statues for years. More needs to be done but the idea they aren't willing to make changes is simply incorrect. Then go look at Hartzell's history in the business school. When students were vocal about Simkins they made changes. When students were vocal about the confederate statues they made changes. When students were vocal about the Jefferson Davis statue they made changes. Where are all these "empty promises"? And I'll be the first to criticize Texas if changes aren't made in reference to the players demands.
  9. Well, when they renamed Simkins Residence Hall and removed the four confederate statues back in '17 it took a couple months for that to play out. 3 weeks is a limited amount of time if they're taking the same approach (i.e putting together a task force, advisory board, BOR vote, etc). Even when Texas removed the Jefferson Davis statue back in '15 it was a fairly long process. I get why people might not like the process but the idea these other schools are out in front on these issues is complete nonsense. Texas has been renaming buildings and removing statues for years. If anything Texas was one of the first universities to take a stand on these issues.
  10. People are also drastically undervaluing how many things are in play at a school like Texas. When Texas removed the Confederate statues in '17 they were taken to appeals court by some random right wing fringe group. One of the main arguments that Fenves made is that the task force and BOR all agreed to remove the statues. There's a reason UT has that BOR process (even if you disagree with it). Folks went absolutely insane during that entire ordeal so no telling what happens if most of these demands are met. But you can bet CDC/Hartzell are making sure to cover themselves because there's no telling what's coming from some of these old timers.
  11. Overshown's tweet said "we have been told that things are being done behind closed doors but have yet to see any changes." Certainly sounds like they committed to something.
  12. Texas was renaming buildings on campus long before those schools took action. They're already renamed several dorms. Just because you don't like the process of a BOR vote doesn't mean Texas is lagging behind on these issues. Those other schools are just now taking action. I don't know why you're praising these other schools for renaming buildings when Texas has literally been doing that for years. Now if the other buildings aren't eventually renamed you might have a point but just because Texas has a process doesn't mean they're in the wrong here.
  13. They already renamed several buildings before the players demands. Just because they have a process, i.e. a BOR vote, doesn't mean they won't do jack shit. Maybe you don't like the process but the idea these other schools are being praised for renaming buildings when Texas has already done that multiple times is complete nonsense. You act like these other schools are progressive because they changed the name of one building when Texas has already been doing that for years. Now maybe you don't like the process of a BOR vote but the idea they haven't "done jack shit" is crazy talk. And I bet most of those player demands will eventually be met.
  14. And they're still employing a coach that used a racial slur. They're all in on racial justice. The fact a school, like Clemson, is being applauded for their actions is laughable. They don't care about these issues. They made a PR move while they continue to employ a coach that called a player a racial slur.
  15. That's why a much more reasonable approach would be. "We give the University of Texas until the opener against South Florida to engage all the Black athletes and students at Texas. We understand there's a process that takes place and that other Black athletes and students need to be included in the process. A few months should be plenty of time for the University of Texas to engage the problems and find solutions to our long list of demands." From the get go these demands have been football driven. They should be inclusive of all the Black athletes and students at Texas. Beyond that, changing one thing isn't even close to comparable to the list of demands they gave Del Conte/Hartzel. Changes obviously need to be made but the idea this stuff should or would happen overnight is complete nonsense.
  16. Plus, almost all of this is going to require a BOR vote.
  17. Just a heads up. Missimo is reclassifying to the '20 class. We should know soon if she's going pro or coming to Texas.
  18. That's unfortunate. I thought Palmer was going to be good in a couple years but she was still a couple years away in terms of development. I do wonder if Schaefer is making room for his players. Also of note, I'm pretty sure Texas will get another 5 star commit soon.
  19. This is probably where Shaka decided to offer. The big white dude on Itejere is a top 150 recruit (Gabe Wiznitzer). This event was loaded with talent so Itejere probably wasn't the player they were there to see. But that's why these summer camps are important.
  20. For sure, very similar to Itejere. Based on what I've seen Itijere was 6'7 to 6'8 his Sophomore year in HS. 2 to 3 inches is pretty substantial (much like it was with Hayes). It will be interesting to see who offers but probably wise that Texas pushed for a commitment before he blew up. Sounds like he's definitely going to get some bigger offers based on how he's looked on the summer circuit.
  21. Not sure Hayes or Jones were really "under recruited". Jones had offers from Baylor, Florida State, Arizona, Syracuse and Georgetown. Hayes had offers from Kentucky, Xavier, Butler, Illinois and Georgetown. Maybe Hayes more than Jones. But Hayes and Jones were both guys that blew up during the summer circuit heading into their SR years. I'm betting that's why Texas pushed for a commitment here. They likely knew other offers were about to roll in for Itejre after seeing him on the summer circuit. 6'10 guys that can move don't grow on trees. Looks like he's had a growth spurt recently similar to Jaxson Hayes. Hayes went from 6'7 to 6'10 in his JR to SR year in HS. That's why these summer camps are so important.
  22. The Harris rumor must have already started popping up on Florida boards.
  23. I haven't looked recently but he was a top 100 guy in several recruiting rankings at one point. So he's probably a MLB risk. But the only way you get guys like Witt, Duplantier, Madden and Faltine to campus is by taking the risk.
  24. Not much roster turnover at all going into next season. They've only lost 2 starters in Elder and Ellis.
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