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Concerts you won tickets to -- share your tales

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Concert ticket giveaways come in many forms. How did you nab yours?

To date I've won tickets exactly one time, but it was damn good. On a Saturday night in 2009 I got in my car & was on my way (begrudingly) to meet some pals at a shitty local bar to watch a UFC fight I had no interest in watching. Halfway on the 2 mile drive to the bar the DJ on KGSR says he's got a pair of tickets to Springsteen at the Erwin Center for the first caller who can knows the first song Bruce won a Grammy for.

WTF? I've got this shit!

<<takes hand of stick shift & in days before bluetooth has to manually dial the phone number for KGSR>>

Phone rings at least 15 times. I know that means the DJ is tired of answering calls from dumb fucks. I've got this if they pick up the phone.

"KGSR. Do you know the answer?"

"Yeah, he won best rock male vocal performance for Dancing in the Dark."

<<silence for a second>>

"Did you Google that? We only needed the song."

"No, I'm in my car. I'm just a big dork."

"Congratulations, big dork. You're going to be with a lot of your friends in a few weeks."

I give the screener my info & a few minutes later pull up to the bar & tell my friends what had just happened. Now, I'd already bought (much better) tickets to the show, but it was still damn cool to win. I ended up giving the pair to my friend (RIP) who owned our local pub & had never seen a Springsteen show. Those free tickets bought me a lot of damn good IPAs and porters over the years.

Whatcha got?


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