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Get a medical power of attorney and advance directive in place, even remotely

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I know from recent personal experience (my dad is in hospital and we had to get him to execute a Medical Power of Attorney before he had heart surgery) that too many people don't have proper documents in place for a medical emergency. Even though my law firm is not working at the office, we are focusing our energy on helping people get those documents in place right now. 

Here's what we have posted publicly on other social media, want to make Surly aware too: 

Jorgeson Pittman LLP is focusing our energies at this time on helping our community be prepared for the unexpected. It's always a good idea to have medical powers of attorney and advanced directives in place but given the current situation in which we find ourselves, our community members can longer afford to put off the creation of those documents.

With that in mind, we want to make you aware of the following services we offer, as well as make you aware of a cost-effective way to protect yourself, and your family, if the need arises for you to use your medical documents.

Experienced Attorneys 

For over a decade, the attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP have helped hundreds of families throughout the state draft and put into place comprehensive estate planning documents, including medical powers of attorney, advanced directives, HIPAA releases, designations of guardians, hospital visitation authorizations, durable powers of attorney, and wills. Given the urgency many Americans are currently witnessing in our healthcare system, our attorneys have decided to dedicate their time to meet with clients (over the phone or online) and put our experience to work to ensure these documents get put into place in a very timely manner (in a matter of days or weeks, not months). 

Online Notarization and Witnessing for Documents

Jorgeson Pittman LLP offers our clients the ability to have their estate documents notarized and witnessed online, so long as the client has access to a computer or device that can access the internet and has two-way audio and visual capabilities – a smart phone for instance. Being able to meet with and witness estate documents remotely is especially important right now given the guidelines on social distancing and will also allow any person to execute their documents, even if they are not physically in Austin, or even in the United States. 

 Texas Legal - Legal Insurance

 If the cost of putting together your estate package has kept you from moving forward with their creation, we want to let you know about cost-effective solution. For over 7 years Jorgeson Pittman LLP has accepted Texas Legal, a non-profit legal insurance company that was founded over 40 years ago by the State Bar of Texas to help Texas residents. One of Texas Legal’s best benefits is that they cover 100% of the creation of your estate package - including medical powers of attorney, advanced directives and the creation of your will. The insurance plans they offer are month-to-month with no contract and start as low $26 per month for an individual, and $40 per month for a family (with discounts if you buy an annual plan - $250 total for a year for an individual and $365 total for a year for a family). It is important to note that you must be a member by the 25th of the preceding month for the insurance to go into effect on the 1st of the next month - so if you are not already a member of Texas Legal, and you want to have your medical documents put into place in April, you need to sign up by March 24th.

You can find more information about Texas Legal at the following website: https://texaslegal.org/independent-legal-insurance-plans. Once you have a plan number (which you should receive shortly after applying), please reach out to our office at (512) 320-0999 or info@jptexaslaw.com to get started. 

If you do not already have comprehensive estate planning documents in place, or if you need to update your documents, please contact us to find out how we can help.

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A few people have reached out to me and said they were signing up for Texas Legal. If you want to do that and get these in place next month, you need to be a member of Texas Legal by March 25th. 

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