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  1. Well done. Get that index lower so i can have some candy next time we peg it. Did your teacher ask you for a cash advance in order to make rent too?
  2. haha..I knew that would trigger you. and in record time! too easy.
  3. Upgrading my golf sim needs in my new home. Have a lightly used skytrak that’s still in great shape that I need to sell if anyone is interested. works great and is a blast. Just need something a bit more robust for the new setup. Great launch monitor and works really well with the app to dial in your game. Pm me if interested.
  4. Yeah. Capn nailed it for Streamsong I’m going end of next week for 2 nights 3 days of golf. Red is amazing. Blue was good. This will be my first time playing black as it wasn’t open last summer. Resort is great and everything you need for a buddies golf trip. Nothing you don’t.
  5. Drive out to Quintero. You won’t be disappointed. It’s exceptional.
  6. Ratings must have been sky high
  7. Charles Schwab is locked in for next year and beyond
  8. I took the fam today after the rain delay. With clubhouse parking we rolled in and pulled out the ol double bob stroller and slogged around. We had a great time. It was cool weather and the sun came out. Really enjoyed it much more than Thursday. It was a ghost town though. Looked like a web event Hung out for a few hours, drank a couple goose island brews and threw the stroller in the car and were home in 15 mins. Glad we went.
  9. Yes. That’s the point. They’re not made for on course play. But if they hold up on course in the heat they hold up in the office as well. They are easy to clean. Machine wash and hang dry. They don’t wrinkle, they’re lightweight and they wick moisture and they look great under a coat and even with a suit. Really solid product
  10. They’re Mizzen and main shirts. I’ve been wearing them a few years now (not on course) . Based here in dallas. Absolute game changers.
  11. Going out tomorrow. If I didn’t have a credential to park on site i most certainly would think twice about going with the current parking situation. Curious to see this thing.
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