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  1. Hey Horns - Nice to meet you. I'm a Clemson alum, but also a long-time Horns fan. Between Rick Barnes coaching there for 17 years and Austin being one of my favorite cities, it's easy to be a fan. My buddy and I launched a side project and thought you might be interested. It's free. And fun. AllInBlitz.com Our first game is called The Super Conference. You can create a league with friends to draft among the Power 5 teams. Whoever creates the conference with the most combined wins, wins the league. We've typically played with 8 players drafting 8 teams each, but you can have any number of players in a league. The fun part about the game is that if you end up drafting say Arizona, you now are much more interested in that late-night Arizona / UCLA game (no offense to Arizona or UCLA fans!). And it doesn't take up much time during the season. One draft and done. My buddy and I have put a ton of time into this, so I'd love any help sharing the game with other fans, or even better if you can sign up and play. Happy to answer any questions here or in DM. And feedback/suggestions is especially welcomed! Thanks in advance! commish@allinblitz.com
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