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  1. The image quality takes it to 11. Well done!
  2. Fortunately I played some of the best on these. $BLNK in option calls and $FUBO in shares. $SOLO 3/19 $10-$11 calls I've been riding and I believe will still hit.
  3. Damn I was having the best day yet till that little algo fueled little correction that forced my hand into selling shit. Oh well ended up just down a tad before that I was a stonk genius. That’s the big account I care about. My fuckboi RH account that’s only options is up 5% today. Started new calls in BLNK, GDRX and AAPL.
  4. I'd love to but I've never tried it b/c I'm a poor.
  5. Lots of things on watch at any given time but some of the ones I own or have on watch right now are BLNK, GWPH, CRSR, FUBO, LAZR, SOLO, NIO
  6. I bought FRSX at $5.79 on 12/23 then sold at $4.69 on 12/28 for a 19% loss fortunately just on 300 shares. It was first suggested by YouTube investor @DeadNSyde but I simply bought too early instead of waiting for the first dump to form the wedge till Jan 12. I would set alerts at $9.70 or a little lower and buy it if it breaks out of that wedge on volume with a stop loss at $8.54.
  7. That's just noise. There were 197 million shares traded on Friday alone. Those shares they sold are droplets on a hot skillet and they all wish they'd held on a little longer. They would be stupid not to cash in on these prices, I'd question if they didn't sell a dime because nobody in their right mind believes the prices will stay this elevated forever.
  8. Agreed. I’d argue that institutions are constantly manipulating the market with their algorithms looking to dupe the average retail investor and that’s no different than short sellers or squeezers. It’s all manipulation so just get in the winning side and call it a day.
  9. If you go to the reddit site these fools are acting like its still getting started and several are talking about dumping their entire retirement into it. Can this shit blow past $100, $200...
  10. And that's exactly why I don't give a shit that all of those short sellers are losing their shirt. Sure it sucks that Andrew Left from Citron is getting personally attacked along with his family, that's too far. Look at this guy pleading for his life back. He is nervous as fuck. But I hope all of those fuckers lose their ass because they make a killing off of purposefully driving companies to the ground with their short selling. It's not fair they can manipulate the market, wiping millions of gains with the click of a button so why not give them a taste of their own medicine.
  11. We should be thanking Citron. Most short reports in this market are the dip buy opportunity that autist traders are then chasing afterwards. I’m sure it doesn’t generally work that way and Citron is just going short in order to then go long right after but right now it’s working.
  12. Hey man I haven't checked back in a while but I just wanted to say that I took this to heart. I read a few trading books and learned technical analysis. Followed some of the brightest trading minds on twitter to reverse engineer their strategies and follow their watchlists. Now that I'm using TA to find proper low risk entry points to help me succeed my returns have really taken off. I've become more of a swing trader now if you will. I model my strategy in the vein of Mark Minervini and use the CANSLIM methodology. I leverage options in my Robinhood "play" account and of course that is doing
  13. I've done pesto chicken bacon and it was great. Only thing I would change in yours is I would use pickled jalapenos because look like you used raw ones and they could have used a little bit of pre-sautéing to soften them up beforehand.
  14. Yeah good point. Doesn't seem like carb wise its that low. Calorie wise it does seem to be lower than what you would expect. Honestly I am not into low carb diets, been there done that and felt like shit. I just watch my calorie intake via calorie counting and try to work out and that's it.
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