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  1. Yep. I’m in Keller just north of it. Closest Mexican meat market (used to be). Now it’s Super Mercado Monterrey a little south of that.
  2. Chicharrones con carne en chile verde, frijoles de la hoya y tortillas de harina. Crazy story: the Michoacána meat market that I purchased the chicharron from on Monday burned down this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. It looks like it came out absolutely perfect to me. That's how my bark comes out too. I don't trim it as much as well but you did trim it closer to Aaron Franklin's preferred shape than we all do. He really has to worry about aerodynamics around the brisket since he's making tons of them and can't baby them but I can baby mine and it's cooking in a different type of smoker.
  4. Agreed. You can tell you know what you're doing as far as the steak is concerned because it's obvious it's not overcooked if the edge piece is that color and there's a garlic on top so it's obvious you basted it with butter and garlic. It was probably a great steak. It's just the other stuff that really messed it up. The camera sucks balls. The angles and lighting in the first phot were bad. The second photo just looks like it's the camera's fault. The only thing not related to that is the freaking money shot slice you chose. It looks like you bit the tip of the steak instead of slicing it like most do for a money shot.
  5. Thank you! What would you add as organic matter after core aerating the whole yard? I will kill the stump like you said before I put more soil and sod over the ground stump. It's under ground but I figured it would still sprout nasty seedlings if I didn't kill it. On a separate note I have a small area maybe 3 x 3 near my driveway that has eroded. If I want to level it off should I till up all of the existing grass and then add more dirt then add sod over it? I didn't know if I just added dirt over grass then sod if the upper grass would have a hard time growing roots through the existing grass once the roots grew past the dirt.
  6. I live in Fort Worth, TX. A tornado took out my front tree not long ago and I just had the stump ground down. Is now the time for me to put down sod? I have bermuda in the rest of the lawn. Or is it better for me to wait till the fall? There's a big patch of dirt now. I am not sure if the tree will start sprouting unless I kill it some more with vinegar? I'm also going to address soil compaction issues by first using a hand held core aerator. Any suggestions on any products I should use to condition the soil after that? Thanks!
  7. I never bother with applying a wet coat of any flavor because they are damn good with just the seasoning I use and grilled over charcoal. I like the red seasoning they use at the Mexican meat market. That shit makes amazing chickens and fajitas.
  8. I’ve never seen a fight in a food thread. The rona is getting to y’all. No disrespect but I thought Anastasis was the guy that was gay. Glad that was cleared up. Must be thinking of another dude.
  9. Sad to read that it also could have been avoided if she didn't escalate it by brake checking him and continuing to antagonize what you're seeing is another road raged person. Sounds like she had a little bit of road rage in her as well. There's too many instances of this happening in DFW. I just laugh it off and wave at people if they get pissed at me and try to play these games with me. Obviously i'm not blaming her, yet it seems she could have avoided it.
  10. What the fuck. Over fucking road rage... I hope he gets some prison justice.
  11. Well it technically did from bat to that armadillo looking thing to us to cats. Problem is, what if it mutates at a species and suddenly it's killing small children too at higher rates.
  12. I started jogging 5k's again to destress and lose some weight. I'm naming my runs Corona Run 1, 2 3 .. I'm on 6. Going to see how high I can get and how much weight I can lose while we're all home. The main thing still stressing me is my graduate school research paper is still due in 3 weeks and I haven't started. It requires an oral presentation to the rest of the class over the web. Don't want to sound like a dumbass. Little time to prepare.
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