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  1. So I volunteered to make briskets for my niece's graduation party. They estimate about 100 people maximum (capacity of the venue). How many briskets should we purchase? I've only ever made 2 briskets at a time on my WSM but this time i'll use my father in law's big offset that can fit a whole bunch of them at a time. The food should be served after 4 or 5. What's the best plan on when to try to have them finished? How to hold them? Rotate them within the large smoker so they don't dry out or cook faster near the fire? I'm guessing I should try to have them done early that morning so they can hold in a huge ice chest wrapped in foil for several hours? Should I leave them whole and then we (or some other people) slice it on-site or should I slice them all and have them in big metal foil pans just ready to serve? I'd be concerned about them possibly drying out if I go this route but it would help in case we don't have people or time to slice on site. There will be bbq beans and rice as sides. Crawfish outside. Any general tips for feeding a lot of people is appreciated!
  2. Full. Trimming brisket and rib racks without having to lean them over the divider and having that shit splash everywhere on the counter.
  3. When would be a good time to buy some Microsoft stock? I feel like they will do well with their focus on the cloud. I am thinking that it being too close to earning report time I would be buying too high right now. Should I wait a while, if so how much?
  4. Is this the first game you've ever watched in your life? Throwing short and away from a receiver to draw a pass interference flag on the defender when his body gets in the way of the WR getting the pass without the defender even turning around is a classic acceptable move...
  5. I'm 33. I have almost all of my retirement investments going into Vanguard Institutional 500 Index Trust since I was told to just follow S&P 500 and set it and forget it. I get the gambling itch to take some of it out into Fidelity's Brokeragelink where I can invest some in any stock just to learn more investing. I see companies returning much more than the 29% my current portfolio returned last year and I wonder... what if I took 20% of my portfolio and hopped on a band wagon of one of these companies and rode them for a year.. TO THE MOON! But then I get scared because I have no idea what i'm doing.
  6. Coworker participated in a Whataburger taste test of new incoming products. Said he tried one that had pico de gallo with green chili lime salsa that was AWESOME. Said his suggestion was to call it the taco burger. We'll see if it makes it to production.
  7. Between the 15 and 25 second marks you’ll see a white truck drive into the drive way of the home on the top left and never leave. Right in the path of the fire.
  8. The one that went down that road on the top left.
  9. That person in the white truck never left. They dead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. From what I'm reading it's a fully articulated main rotor so it wouldn't be susceptible to mast bumping but if it got in any kind of mode that would cause excessive flapping it could have sliced through the tail boom. But I would assume that if that happened it would fall faster than it did.
  11. If all they had was the ipad then surely its broken or fried and even if it wasn't I doubt they could recover useful data from it. Do those piloting apps store data locally? Do they stream it to the cloud and that data is available somewhere for NTSB to look? Also has the S-76 been known to ever clip off the tailboom with the MR blade in any condition? Is it a fully articulated rotor that could get into a dynamic mode that flaps the blades enough to cause it? This happened in our Bell 525 aircraft in a certain regime but I wouldn't imagine it happen to a production aircraft with plenty of flight hours.
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