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  1. Rao’s Margherita Pizza sauce is my go to. I’ll have to check out those tomatoes next time.
  2. Figured out Central Market had all the pizza supplies I needed so tried out a 50-50 mix of 00 and bread flour this time. I think the biggest differences that it impacted were it’s pliability and taste not necessarily so much the chew like I expected. It was less pliable than pure 00 so this mix could use a high hydration than 66%. Taste was closer to typical pizza crust tastes. Also tried a new pizza cutter and some random pepperoni I liked bc of the size. Also learned that with my baking method of pre cooking the crust and sauce I can place the cheese and pepperonis much earlier when using pepperonis because all of the water they release help the cheese not burn and also makes it take longer for them to crisp up.
  3. A local guy told me he used one of these Baker Stone ceramic pizza ovens so I looked around and low and behold thanks to google and facebook’s amazing stalker algorithms a random look at all Facebook marketplace items a few days ago yielded this fucking beauty new in a box unopened for $75. I was moments away a few days prior to buying a brand new one for $145 shipped. It seems super promising. It advertises that it can reach much much higher temps than my 600 deg F max electric pizza oven. The concept of routing all of the heat from a gas grill thru the bottom and around the sides of all of the enclosed ceramic plates means it should blast the pizzas with tons of convective, radiant and forced conduction heat with the super close gas flame burning the dough like the Ooni’s of the world. I imagine it could be rigged with its own gas tube mechanism or whatever it’s called under it with a huge flame producing way more BTUs if one were so inclined to reach the 900 deg F of the world but I’m gonna guess that I’ll be able to hit a sweet 750 which should make perfect pizzas for my kind of style of desires crust. I don’t know how this thing isn’t super popular. I am patiently waiting the delivery of 12 bags of 00 flour to make what should start being next level pizzas as far the quality I’ve been able to produce. I haz excite. Borat like.
  4. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on limited calories and anything tastes good but this Costco crust absolutely blew me away. WTF. If this is semi healthy eating ice found my cheat meal. It was so crunchy unlike my attempt at cauliflower pizza crust that ended up like mashed potatoes. And it had a solid flavor. Would recommend for anyone trying to limit calories and carbs. Only 500 calories for half of a medium sized pizza loaded with chicken and pepperoni ain’t fucking bad for a great cheat meal.
  5. Looks good man. What sausage do you use? I have yet to try any. I started a weight loss challenge so no more flour for me. Bought two cauliflower crusts at Costco. Where did you get yours? Any tips for cauliflower pizzas?
  6. Brisket bbq pizza sauce pizza.
  7. Came up with a random recipe. Barbacoa chorizo bean pizza. Details in the pizza thread if interested.
  8. Creativity fueled by the devil’s lettuce lead to this amazing concoction. I present to you Barbacoa chorizo bean pizza. This time I tried a new hydration level of 73%. Very hard to handle in dough Fleming stage. Had to use wet hands instead of flour to mold shit. This is after two days in the fridge. Pre cooked dough without the beans in case they dried out too much. Beans, Barbacoa, queso fresco, jalapeños, a little shredded pizza cheese. Top it off with salsa. It was fucking amazing. Crunchy exterior. Light interior. Amazing flavor. My thought was this is going to end up exactly like a Barbacoa flour tortilla taco and that’s about the badass flavor levels we reached.
  9. Wife loves it, I’ve only sipped a few and thought it was good but I don’t ever drink margaritas. I’m just a boring beer drinker. Tried several new things at the same time. A Mutti pizza sauce someone suggested on here and also tried bbq brisket pizza for the first time. Mutti sauce was solid. Wife said it tasted basic. I took that to mean it’s not overly done with too much stuff in it. I’ll need to try it on cheese pizzas so the toppings don’t interfere too much in the taste comparisons. The chicken was getting a little old so it didn’t taste as great as fresh chicken and that affected the whole thing with the ole taste buds. Blue = aged in fridge for almost a week. Red = frozen for half of that Started in the pizza oven to get the dough cooked. Added grilled chicken on the boy’s pizza. Wife and I did bbq. Tried my oven in the process for the first time. Quick heat to 500 deg F then broiler. Pizza stone only showed 450 F but I didn’t really need the stone at this point. Mainly needed that extreme broiler to get a charred crust. Wife and kid were both like WTF why did you burn the pizza. I told them to go watch some YouTube videos on Neopolitan pizza before they come talking mess in my kitchen throwing around disrespek. Wife ended up smashing the bbq pizza. Was a hit. Son hated the crust. He’s a big fat golden brown crust kind of kid and that’s fine. I gotta say I prefer the non charred crust myself as well so far as well even if it’s not traditional. It’s plenty crunchy and still chewy inside. But of course aesthetically the char makes it look like you used a brick oven and has more of a wow factor (to those that know shit about pizza). I’ll keep doing it at varying ratios of time in each oven and see if it’s with involved the big gas oven at all just to get a little nicer looking crust.
  10. Check out this massive bubble on a dough ball I am thawing out. Made them on Tues. Froze on Thur. Left another in the fridge the whole time to compare the taste. I’ll make both for lunch.
  11. Lol I haven’t stopped smoking every few waking hours since April. WFH = dangerous. Short term memory is non existent. Who knows maybe my pizza sucks ass when I’m not stoned.
  12. Interesting, I definitely noticed the moisture differences when I compared my doughs made from 100% AP, 50/50 and 100% 00. The 00 was almost too easy to stretch and form if I let it warm up to room temperature too much before forming. Also the baby powder fine-ness was noticeable. The link that Sam Lin posted above was interesting. I was even more fascinated by a reference they made within it to https://slice.seriouseats.com/2011/06/the-pizza-lab-on-flour-foams-and-dough.html which sparked my curiosity into bread flour as either an alternative for pizza making OR maybe i'll experiment with mixing it with 00 instead of mixing AP with it. The potential for pairing its chewiness with the crispiness of the 00 sounds fun.
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