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  1. Was worried this thread was about this actor passing.
  2. Why be a hero? Become patient zero!
  3. There’s insurance for that. It’s also fueled by old people’s medicine.
  4. I thought radio city music hall was a nice location for it. I didn’t watch it or care about it but I’m still right. I hope it ends with Clair de Lune like the end of Oceans Eleven.
  5. Can they bring back the treasure island pirate battle and have them fire shots at it?
  6. I was actually thinking about what I’d do if that happened last week when my dog had surgery. It’s certainly possible.
  7. "If I just shat in a bag and wrote 911 Lone Star on it, that would be better than this."
  8. Was this the funeral for a necromancer or lich? I bet it was pretty Goth.
  9. They seem to be running the ten yard minimum offense.
  10. I know it’s ridiculous, but I’m thinking about switching insurance providers because of it.
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