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  1. Two fucks, one 7-up, three times, and over the karaoke. It’s the only way to experience Kyoto...?
  2. Yeah. Unfortunately I have to agree with this. It'd be great if there was a way to swap calendar locations of football and baseball. If the students and staff all have to be six feet away from each other, the normal stuff just won't happen.
  3. Chinese fire dam drill! For real this time! You know, the Yangtze River floods of the 1930s may have been the worst natural disasters in human history.
  4. You know I think they should go back to Godzilla movies where it's a guy in a rubber suit smashing model pagodas. You just know that was a way more fun way to make a movie.
  5. I prefer the zeppelin bend. It was what they used to tie the Hindenburg down. Other than the fire, the knot was good.
  6. But your hair does look like that, right?
  7. That could have also been used to cook pancakes.
  8. VR headset based remote learning for everyone?
  9. I could do without Orangutans. If they went extinct I wouldn’t really mind.
  10. They should’ve called it the Capitol Hill Organized Autonomous Domain.
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