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  1. Ah. Good. "The beatings will continue until morale improves you shut your fucking face hole."
  2. That’s the worst thing that has ever been written in the English language.
  3. That reminds me, I hear Roy isn’t doing as well as was expected.
  4. Apparently he goes by a different name when he's overseas. Quite shady.
  5. What if instead of the world ending by an asteroid hitting it, the world hits an asteroid...? Space lawyers would have a field day. What if aliens contact us after they listen to the golden record sent on the voyager spacecrafts, but their response is just “COOL STOrY BRO”?
  6. Not a good time to be a door to door census worker.
  7. I like chief diesel better. I guess the super chief was a diesel? The train, not the porky pig adversary.
  8. Alright engineers. It's up to you to create the Jetsons robot football league!
  9. She said there'll be days like this
  10. So apparently scrip clubs aren't considered essential.
  11. InsideTexas is insufferable...? As usual...I have no idea what's going on.
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