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  1. The company I had the mock up design drafted isn’t around. I’ll get something new designed
  2. i think thats my biggest complaint this year. the tracker was god awful.
  3. Congrats to PH on winning the 2019 regular season and playoff championship. Hell of a run. Payout Info: $150 - Regular Season Champ (best overall record) - PH $550 - League Champion - PH $300 - 2nd place - HG $200 - 3rd place - Fawesome Since no one has paid, each winner should subtract $100 from their total winnings. Here is the breakdown of who should send who money: PH = $600 ( NL, beer, huge, UTPhil, BigO, Capt) HG = $200 (Derka and Nomaa) Fawesome = $100 (hitby) PM the winners for their PayPal or Venmo links. I don't know if they want their shit on blast here.
  4. Great game, capt. crazy playoff matchups. Very fun to watch. Def got my money’s worth with MLB.tv these last 4 weeks.
  5. Not 100% sure but I think that’s correct.
  6. Yikes Also anyone see Seth Lugo’s stats from today? It’s not registering on the box score. Am I missing something?
  7. Hahah same in the 3rd place game. going to come down to a few swings or a few pitches. Crazy.
  8. Ah, thatll do it. Fixed. Was trying to manually drop and it was greyed out.
  9. Looks like a workaround could be me using a non-playoff team to pickup a FA and instant trading with you for Betts. Does that sound good?
  10. Doesnt look like I can edit rosters either.
  11. Agreed. That foul ball looked painful too.
  12. Man. Yelich out for the year. Tough blow for HG.
  13. Boy I'm sure glad I don't have to watch Brantley, Bregman, and Alvarez bat back to back to back anymore.
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