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  1. man that was a close finish for 3rd. it was going back and forth all day. hitby almost came up clutch with his no pitching for 5 weeks strat good season everyone. @henrygandorf and @UTPhil2006 can venmo derka $50 each. I'm assuming you already know his venmo info? @NorthLoop hung on to 3rd and his $50. congrats. everyone else can venmo me (@mikesaenz) or paypal (mike.saenz@gmail.com) me their $50 entry fee.
  2. Still lots of baseball left. It ain’t over til Benji Molina sings. That said, you gotta pick 2 of the 3 people mentioned if you finish 2nd. 6 people will pay 1st place. 2 will pay 2nd. And 3rd keeps his buyin. Or you can still have 3 people pay you. You’ll just have to send your buyin to the 1st place winner. Good luck tomorrow, gents! It’s been quite a ride.
  3. Derka has 4 innings pitched today and two wins and a save. cool cool cool cool cool .
  4. gg. congrats on you championship derka.
  5. my team is ice cold and i could drop in a lot of categories over the next 4 days. it aint over by any means. especially with how hot derka's team is. me dropping plus him moving up the AVG and OPS categories is a recipe for an upset. ive done the math!
  7. Better idea. Stop anti jinxing Albies fucko. My lead is melting away
  8. I live for Derka trolls.
  9. Yeah what the hell was that bullshit
  10. Can’t wait for Albies to be the deciding factor this final week.
  11. I’m so sad we only get 60 games worth of this trash talk.
  12. You leave Mr. Bieber out yo damn mouth.
  13. I can’t keep up with everyone’s alter ego
  14. Agreed. Only 3.5 weeks (~24 games?) left to make some moves. That said, Severino is on the block now if anyone is looking for a catching boost.
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