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  1. Ma for the win! Send her our thanks!
  2. #5 aint bad lets goooooo
  3. It is tentatively set the day before the season starts. I think it’s a Wednesday. 9pm central. Let me know if that time and date works for everyone. And yes, do your magic Derka
  4. I still have the $60 people chipped in a few years back! It’s in a special savings account and has earned .03 cents.
  5. MARTY HART although Mary would be a hilarious typo on the trophy.
  6. Updated Updated League Champions List: League Champion 2011 Henry Gandorf - The Blondetourage 2012 Derka Derka - The Oh No-No's 2013 enjay - BIG IN JAPAN 2014 BigOrange - Mary Hart, Family Man 2015 Henry Gandorf - The Jack Butler Method 2016 Planet Houston - Squat Cobblers 2017 Fawesome - North Correa Assassins 2018 Derka Derka - The Mad Fat Chick Killer 2019 Planet Houston - Killer B's
  7. Updated League Champions List: League Champion 2011 Henry Gandorf 2012 Derka Derka 2013 enjay 2014 BigOrange 2015 Henry Gandorf 2016 Planet Houston 2017 Fawesome 2018 Derka Derka 2019 Planet Houston
  8. Its been on my to-do list but if you want to take it over, I have no problem. Ill send over $60 This is the one people originally liked but I can't find it anywhere local. https://www.faroutawards.com/fantasy-baseball-glove-trophy/
  9. Looks like we are still needing to hear from beer and hitby
  10. I’ll take a look in the league files.
  11. The company I had the mock up design drafted isn’t around. I’ll get something new designed
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