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  1. Any contenders want to take a flyer on Albies?
  2. I was a half inning too late this morning. Rough.
  3. Lance Lynn is finally coming back. You all are officially fucked.
  4. Yeah have to send it BEFORE gray has a good start....rookie mistake
  5. yeah this is a big gripe of mine too. its like they have one guy able to change the status and hes off on the weekends and evenings.
  6. Last year..... $100 buyin Payout Info: $150 - Regular Season Champ (best overall record) - $550 - League Champion - $300 - 2nd place - $200 - 3rd place -
  7. Gonna frame this when he finishes MVP
  8. The fact that you think I was talking about your offer seems miiiiighty defensive for a guy that thinks it was a good offer.
  9. I guess i need to clarify....send me your GOOD offers.
  10. Buxton is OTB. My team can't stay healthy and I need depth. Send me your offers!
  11. I was holding my own against the best team in the league then the wheels fell off over the weekend. pitching sucks
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