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  1. Yep, Sounds likes OP better start packing cuz his friend won't be there next time
  2. I like the translate button...
  3. She looks rude...how does the rest look?
  4. Seems to be a common question we are asking more and more for every news story posted.
  5. So this lady was a cripple in a wheelchair?
  6. How did this happen? Did they ram her, which knocks her down, and then a lucky tusk to the neck?
  7. Reason #1002 of why to not post everything about your life on social media
  8. Click are pitched to companies as potential advertising views. Whether or not you agree, plenty of companies will pay to get their ads on sites with high 'clicks' totals
  9. Let me try this again...Let me introduce Kayla Bertucci on WGNO
  10. Damn...my bad, too much claw
  11. Let me introduce Kayla Bertucci on WGNO
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