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  1. We may have three losses to 3 top 5 teams but we looked like dog shit doing it. That wasn’t Texas Baseball. and hasn’t been for awhile.
  2. i went ahead and got a couple more....can i be in the 1% club?
  3. great...squid took over texas twitter.... fuck now ill never understand texas football again.
  4. im guessing here and certainly not defending turtle but i bet you can go to 6 different qb coaches and get 6 different "reworks"
  5. I suppose I’m regarded but why am I not seeing the captions. I just get the original audio ...
  6. Is this what happened at the us capital?
  7. Didn’t RGL say something about waiting until last week at the latest or the week before that? What happened to that prophecy? Did we just BDE that right out of here.
  8. Was there a press conference today? Did I miss the cancellation notice?
  9. Pretty much exactly how I smoke a brisket. Salt and pepper only. Plenty of pepper. Smoke for a couple hours then wrap in paper for the remainder. Keep a couple small bowls of water in the smoker also. Usually smoke to 198 or so. Last time I went over 200 and “over time” by a couple hours of seemed dryer then it should have been. That stall was a son of a bitch also. mustard? Mayo? On. Brisket? Fuck out of here with that shit. Lol.
  10. some lawyer suckered that tool out of some of his money. lol
  11. We are talking about Monza and then up to Austria and Munich for Oktoberfest. That should be a fun couple weeks.
  12. Of course I’m biased being a Timbers fan but this is a beautiful goal by Polo against a terrible galaxy team. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/11/01/portland-timbers-andy-polo-goal-vs-la-galaxy-enhanced-highlight
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