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  1. not that i agree with 6th street on everything but i took that post to be responding with like commentary..... just saying. say dumb things get dumb responses.
  2. I legitimately heard someone say The Democrats released this virus in order to sabotage trump re-election. No joke. It wasn’t tongue in cheek either.
  3. That’s over simplifying and leaving out some key details in an article that probably doesn’t have or give all the information.
  4. funny. i had to look that one up. makes since though considering we are talking about extremes here and some insane extremes at that. also when i quoted the message above i was thinking of that coach a few months ago that said something along the lines of he wanted to learn from hitlers "great leadership skills". or something to that ridiculous extent. i believe that genius was fired also.
  5. damn some of yall should learn when to speak and when not to. this is no different then saying i respect Hitler and want to learn about his leadership skills... lets ignore the holocaust and millions of deaths all over the world due to him. both are "retarded' statements.... which is also another conversion on the use of retarded. TIme for some of yall to start adulting. i hope for society sake you dont have children. as an aside Hitler was a terrible leader but there is probably another thread out there for that discussion.
  6. Just because you don't believe something doesnt make it not true for someone else... that's a pretty insensiteve and selfish comment que the right wing sensitive someone got their feelings hurt toughen up buttercup comments......
  7. You have made mention several times that “people JUST found out” Or lJUST realized”. As well as mention “ very small minority”. Both of these comments completely devalue any other argument you may have (and in my opinion make it absurd). Just finding out is in no way an excuse for wrong doing. It’s the farthest thing from it and complete insensitive and quite frankly a stupid argument. “I robbed the bank and shot someone. I’m excused though because I didn’t know you couldn’t do that. Carry on.” ignorance is not an excuse.
  8. All a cucumber is is a raw pickle. Pickles are the worst thing on earth.
  9. Wait a minute. I’ve lost count. How many is this win streak now?.....
  10. She'd either forget which finger she used or god forbid misplace a finger
  11. Did you get this from CLoak room?
  12. why do i keep getting drawn back to this thread and why do i keep reading it?
  13. I’m just a dolt. I got it. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Am I the only one not seeing the game on LHn?
  15. Instead of nfl bowl games just have everyone else play each other. If you win you’re done. Losers then play each other. All the way down so you only have one looser. Then we can proclaim them the winner. Everybody wins!!
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