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  1. Don't need polls or projections to affirm my views. CBU probably won't be a quality Win by the end of the year. But for game 3, they looked to be a quality opponent and one that will give other quality teams some trouble in addition to the fight it gave Texas last night. Hell Texas won by 13, the sharps in vegas had the line as low as 15. So it's not like they underperformed woefully from what the 'real' experts anticipated anyway. And this conference discussion is a ridiculous one. It's apples to oranges. The Big 10 & ACC have like 50 teams in them each with half those teams deserving to be in the NIT or worse right off the bat. With pools of that size you should have a couple teams that end up being elite. And let's not act like it's a plethora of teams vying for dominance. Those conferences are top-heavy & controlled (a lot like ours) by the same blue-bloods each and every year(Mich St, Mich, Duke, UNC & UVA recently). The Wisc/Pur/OhSt's of the world ain't never winning ish. Now the ACC is a different animal. They have legitimate depth and quality. But I'd put the Big 12 up against any of those others and to me the fact you can literally go on the road to any school in the Big 12 and lose that night if you don't play well, puts it ahead of the others in the conversation.
  2. I thought last night's performance was promising. Yeah you'd like to see more consistency from the guys you're going to regularly count on, but that's kind of unrealistic when you're dealing/talking about the 17-19 yr old kids. To me I think you're starting to see a pattern where you're just going to have to deal with players having off nights (I think the tightening of minutes lends to that). There are other players that deserve minutes if someone gets off to a bad start. I think that kind of happened with Liddell tonight and to some extent Ramey against Purdue. The hope is that the other player's "on" nights are good enough to offset that. But that also makes it difficult for opposing teams to game plan for. It's a lot easier to focus on stopping a player(s) than it is to think schematically, imo. So I think it kind of bodes well going forward. That is as long as someone is on the floor that's got it going (i.e.- Ramey tonight). The consistency has to come from upperclassmen like Coleman, Jones & Sims. Those are the ones we need to be solid game in and game out! Oh and btw, CBU impressed last night. Those dudes(the 2 guards) were draining from all over the court. The lil semi-post by flavors to the turn around J...was an NBA caliber move man. That was kinda sweet honestly. A guard dominant team like that w/ 2 guys who can just catch fire and the undersized but bullishly strong Davis - they're gonna win some games and give some folks trouble this year.
  3. Well Texas is only favored by 16.5. So are you suggesting this is as an easy game to lay those points?...Asking for a friend
  4. The "enigma" that is the Rockets. It feels like this board as well as the fan base in general all wants to reserve judgment until "something" happens. I kind of feel the same way myself, but the question is what is this "something" we all seem to be waiting on. Is there anything they can do from a regular season accomplishment standpoint, that would make us "believe" in this edition? I still have my doubts that as currently constructed they can win a ring. But then I ask myself, why not? Who is head & shoulders above? Maybe the Clips, so would a 'W' tomorrow night convince me otherwise...probably not since they'll be w/o PG13. But it'll definitely register on that radar. But I mean Harden even though he frustrates the heck out of us/me with his style of play, you can't argue with the results/numbers. I mean he was WC POW last week. They're on the 2nd longest winning streak (4) and their (7-3) Record is only 1.5 games behind the best in the league. Russ seems to be adjusting & looks pretty good operating around the midrange (his 3pt% is horrible so don't mind him settling for those instead). Austin Rivers - D'antoni needs to find him more minutes for him. He's shooting close to 43% right now. Clint still maddens me at times, but I saw something last night that gave me hope. He unveiled a lil left handed hook shot over his right shoulder from entry pass to him on the block. It honestly caught me so off guard I had to rewind the DVR just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Anyways, just a few early season thoughts (not that anyone really cares) but I think things are actually looking kind of promising for this squad out the gate. As I don't really see anyone running away with anything out West. Very interested to see where this team progresses from here!
  5. Was there this past June for a wedding. Went to a couple and they more like Burlesque shows. Reminded me of like a topless Esther's Follies! He's right...don't waste your time!!!
  6. And granted it's just one game this year, but I've never gotten the sense (nor did last night's game do anything to change it) that Coleman or Ramey are great facilitators offensively. If Shaka continues to try to force one of them into being the offensive 'conductor' of sorts this team will continue to struggle on that side of the court again, imo. They're both better at creating shots for themselves then they are creating shots for others. Which greatly lessens their effectiveness if you're trying to run a "free-flowing" Coach K type of offense. You could probably get away with one of them if the offense was more set/play driven. But that doesn't seem like it's what Shaka's going for. I don't want to beat the kid up but everything about Coleman suggests he's a PG (size, decent handles, etc.), but I just don't think he has a high enough Basketball IQ to run a show. His anticipation, court vision and the desire to create for others just isn't there when I watch him. It's like he's just playing the role w/o his heart really being in it. Ramey is a hooper and you can see his versatility. You could put him in a number of different spots and he'd be effective. But forcing him to be your main ball handler I think sacrifices what he can bring in other areas of the floor offensively. Sims is still a huge disappointment. Does he just not work on improving his Basketball skillset? He seems like the same raw unrefined athlete that he was when he first walked onto the 40. A Jones - when he gets his strength back, watch-out! So encouraging and heart-warming to see him performing like that! They should script a few plays in the first 8-10 minutes of each game to get Fabres at least 3/4 good looks from 3. Otherwise, he seems disengaged offensively. And I know most of them are really young, but Hepa, Hamm & the Freshman (sans Williams) all seemed to just hoist up 3s as soon as they could. Like they were just rushing to shoot them just to shoot them. I was really hoping Hepa would settle down in his second season, but he seems to be just as jittery and lost as he was last season. One bright spot I saw was the defensive intensity. That can carry over. And to me be very promising going forward. That's what can keep this team afloat until or if they ever find something they can go to consistently offensively. I don't follow recruiting (basketball or football for that matter), so my exposure to Freshman come when I watch them don the burnt orange for the 1st time. Liked what I saw from Williams, the big kid from Westlake and the kid from Jamiaca. The kid from Westlake looks to lack athleticism (which means he'll be here for a few years), but doesn't lack confidence offensively. He was shooting j's like he was expecting to make them. Although a couple of them barely caught iron if any at all. Defensively he looked to 'know' where he wanted to go, but the feet just didn't get him there. He may need to stay anchored around the cup so he doesn't get too exposed. Are you all expecting any of them to be impact contributors? One was out last night, is he gonna help and if so where?
  7. Never read the comics or seen the movie. Just picked up and watched the 1st (3) episodes in succession the other night. So not sure which episode it was in. But there was a flashback to the "White Night" or whatever. It shows Angela w/ her husband as the clock hits midnight. The gunmen walk in and direct their attack towards her. Maybe I missed something, but what happened to the husband during all that? They don't show him at all after the attack starts nor mention anything about him during or after it all. It's like he wasn't there or something. Maybe i'm nitpicking their cinematic discretion, but just struck me as odd that he's absent from the scene after they break in.
  8. Imo, you wouldn't need Iggy until the playoffs got underway anyway
  9. https://es.pn/2W8nSDr Sunday can’t get here fast enough Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. https://es.pn/2W8nSDr NBA FINALS start Sunday...and I can’t F’n wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Rockets sending Gary Clark to the G league. Are they trying to make room to add someone? If so, any ideas who? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I’d like to see them run some pick n pop/roll action with Febres and one of the other guards. It’s a better way of getting him involved than just sitting him in a spot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see an improbably win tonight, followed by a horrible home loss against TCU this weekend. It's kind of the team's DNA under Shaka!
  14. Lunardi’s latest has Tex as a 9 seed facing 8 Syracuse. Of the 7-10 seeds that lunardi has, this imo from what I’ve seen, would by far be the worst match for an inconsistent shooting Tex squad! Lunardi’s #7s - Lou, Aub, Cincy Wofford #8s - Bay, Wash, Syr, Iowa #9s - VCU, UCF, Fla #10s - NC St, OU, Ole miss, oh st Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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