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  1. Yeah this was a movie about mental illness, not the Joker.
  2. Man you gotta go two quick fades or slants there
  3. I’ve been excited for Lamar Jackson to get exposed again
  4. Force Awakens - A TLJ - D+ Rise of Jedi - B Rey and Kylo are the easy highlight of RoJ. Fortunately no giant mistakes were made like in TLJ. Kept things relatively straight forward after the mistakes of TLJ. After TFA I expected so much more of this series. I think Rey and Kylo (and Poe to lesser extent) were an extremely solid foundation, should have been better. Biggest complaint was the constant use of ghost people
  5. Felt like the show got back on track after subpar seasons 3 and 4 (especially season 3). Didn’t love the ending... basically nothing got resolved this season.
  6. Such an awful conference
  7. My all time favorite movie
  8. Definitely need to figure out how to drill within cash flow and return money. More and more are slowing production to get within cash flow. Nobody is interested in these bullshit drilling projections, the type curves are garbage. Time to perform
  9. Crane and the players should pony up and do a free Shipleys day for all of Houston or something. Choke job
  10. So how does this rank as biggest chokes in MLB WS history? I know we were biggest favorite in a long time and the last big favorite swept and took care of business
  11. Find hitters who can hit. This postseason was largely a disaster
  12. Yep. Not going to string it together
  13. Probably time for hero ball. Need a solo shot
  14. No - it’s a hitter who knows how to lock in and do his job. Meanwhile Springer, Altuve and Bergman are up there doing hero ball swings
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