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  1. Down Cole, Verlander, Alvarez, Osuna from last year.... 2nd round of playoffs is impressive.
  2. I’m kind of in middle ground. I’m never actually away from my computer for more than 20 minutes, except occasionally during lunch hours. During this work from home I’ve probably put in more hours than when I was at office with less “gaps” in activity. That being said I do pull up ESPN and the 247 TCU board a couple times a day from the work computer and we use Skype for some convos that probably should be text messages. I’ve tried to warn people from putting dumb stuff in Skype, especially curse words, but some still do
  3. Yeah I would strongly prefer full time automated
  4. The moment both Serena and Venus are out of a tournament is a great moment.
  5. Insanity baseball hasn’t moved to automated strike zone or at least a challenge system
  6. Supposedly the SW quadrant going to get some relief this morning, although likely coming back later. But might be enough to save some people And yeah the SpaceCity guys missed this one a bit. They were basically flawless on Laura, but missed here some. To be fair - one of them had a baby yesterday or the day before so it’s been a one man show
  7. 8” in my area near Buffalo Bayou west of beltway 8
  8. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  9. If not for drafting Watson, this would be a bottom five franchise. I’d be curious to see the experts’ grade on Tunsil so far this season
  10. Yeah I’ve basically checked out. I hated the BoB hire and it’s been worse than anticipated
  11. Undoubtedly. My conscious just feels better
  12. Side note - I’ve found that COVID has actually turned into an awesome time for dining out and seeing movies. I can go to a restaurant, nobody is inside, and let my kids do whatever they want because nobody is there. I was the only person in my Tenet showing, remarkable and no risk.
  13. I’m fine if the theaters largely die. Reduce them significantly and let the top 20 movies hit theaters each year. The rest go to Amazon for rent or Netflix/Disney for streaming service This model of releasing a movie and then having to wait 2-4 months to watch it at home is BS.
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