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  1. pretty sure neither D&T nor JGB have been part of Treadsack for quite some time.
  2. completely meaningless until the fines and missed paychecks are reality.
  3. Signed Steven Souza to a minor league deal. So we got that going for us...
  4. i was pretty disappointed when they sold out. Sucks was probably my most purchased beer in like 2013-2014.
  5. just for a little more perspective, we’re at about $0.50 per can in packaging costs (can+lid+label+paktech holder+cardboard case flat). that doesn’t include the cost of canning machine, CO2, spillage, labor, designer, or any of the actual beer costs. so there is an enormous difference in selling a $12-16 four pack of IPA to-go ($3-4 per beer) compared to $6-7 pints in glassware we can use hundreds of times. our business built on margins of draft beer isn’t really feasible on margins of canned beer (at a small scale).
  6. yeah we’ve participated with HopDrop in the past, but we have no issue selling all of our own cans. it’s the slowed taproom and distributed keg sales that have tanked. obviously i understand why that is and we’ve been very cautious in our own taproom with reduced capacity, no bar seating, one-use plastic cups only (which i despise), only table service (no lines), and zero events. we may jump back on with HopDrop just to move a little more volume. the production capacity of our canning line and the (lack of) availability of actual cans really limit the amount of volume we can put into cans vs k
  7. drinking one of those right now, myself. thanks for the support!
  8. just north of the Heights proper. appreciate any word of mouth!
  9. dry january is gonna sink some breweries. december was horrible and january and february are going to be worse. we’re a fairly popular brewery, well regarded, in a great spot and we’re struggling right now.
  10. watched the new clooney film “the midnight sky.” fucking terrible.
  11. ironic they use the word “trademark” to describe their own product
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