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  1. listened to the first hour+ and while it was great to hear rhyner’s voice, it was just the most generic low-level cowboys talk for the first 3 or 4 segments. pretty boring. hopefully things improved with “what’s on mikes mind.”
  2. had no clue what you were referring to. looked it up and was reminded how much i hate video games. i have a 2 yo and a 1 month old and the last video game i owned was sonic the hedgehog on sega genesis.
  3. construction isn’t enough to keep people off the 900 block of Wakefield. we also need road closures for fire trucks!!
  4. wasn’t he run out of town for beating the shit out of his gf?
  5. went into barrels around 11% but we actually sent it to a lab for testing after packaging and yeah, 14.3%. we were surprised it increased by that much.
  6. the guy has never finished higher than 17th in MVP voting before this year. i assume he’ll probably finish around 5th for 2021.
  7. what dig am i missing? the cardinals came back to win games 6 and 7 vs arlington.
  8. eliminates the possibility of chas as a defensive replacement. would rather have seen diaz. edit: forgot about siri.
  9. finally figured out who d’arnaud reminds me of
  10. i figure they went to marwin because this is probably the only spot they can guarantee he will get to swing right handed
  11. would be great if we could hit some balls over the fucking wall. 8-2 so far in the series.
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