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  1. never had a drekker beer but listened to a podcast with one of their founders a couple weeks ago and it sounds like their fruit sours aren’t even beer. adding 4 pounds of unfermented fruit purée per gallon of beer makes that shit alcoholic near beer, not actual beer.
  2. what a spectacular fucking failure b10 was
  3. todd kalas just said “pimp”
  4. where the fuck is ryan pressly?
  5. is anyone else not getting the game on ATT sports?
  6. the digitally inserted ads are already annoying me. fuck karbud.
  7. Cheers guys. Let’s win another Houston championship people will whine about.
  8. haven’t heard anything specific, but i would think any brewery that doesn’t have a canning line would be struggling. i can’t imagine what our books would look like if we didn’t the capability to can each week.
  9. none that i’m aware of. it costs more to make NA beer than real beer.
  10. they don’t. spec’s often moves around product between their stores. it’s not rare to find ABW staples at the midtown spec’s (at least a few years ago). but that beer got to houston on a spec’s truck, not an ABW truck.
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