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  1. no, they quickly agreed to accept that pro-rated salary cut back in march. owners want to pay them significantly less than that with the assumption that fans will not be allowed in ballparks.
  2. so did anyone visit a taproom that reopened this weekend? mine opted to stick with to-go only but our sales were definitely down. curious what the scenes were like at open joints.
  3. $9.50 for a sixer of trash light adjunct lager in a fucking clear bottle? it’s so stupid they probably won’t be able to brew it fast enough.
  4. are you sure that’s what you’re drinking? because david s., the lone untappd user to have checked in that beer strongly disagrees!
  5. it’s like you’re not even familiar with infrastructure man.
  6. breakside is a very well respected and run operation that makes awesome beer. so that sounds promising.
  7. New Great Heights brew debuting tomorrow. 6% berliner base with blackberry and raspberry purée added during fermentation. not a milkshake fruit smoothie beer. this is a dry, tart, and drinkable.
  8. does it actually taste like beer? some of these fruit smoothie beers looks so ridiculous to me, i just can’t.
  9. $12 seems a little steep but is $7.99 the regular price? i’m guessing that’s a sale price.
  10. they must have connections because they managed to get on shelves in HEB and Specs without a brewery. their entire investment is in a branding firm.
  11. i had never heard of these guys before this post. 10k IG followers and a branded delivery van for a brewery who doesn’t brew and has 300 untappd check-ins.
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