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  1. I ran into a warden at the convenience store and cornered him with a bunch of questions in the parking lot. He said the state parks were closing so a lot of his typical shoreline was being nullified. I told him fishing was a huge freedom for me that I didnt want to lose and he said thats great I just better have the right fish sizes too bc hes bored as well and is out doing his job.
  2. Yea Ive completely stripped, cleaned, oiled, lubed, respooled, and tuned 5 reels. Feels great. Learned some new knots too.
  3. Is it too cold to wet wade Galveston west bay right now? I don’t have any waders but I have zip boots and a bathing suit and a gut like a walrus. Plus I only take ice cold showers. I’m just not experienced in the bay so I thought I would ask.
  4. I ordered two pitchers of blue margaritas from el patio today with my cheese enchilada delivery and I almost died. Be careful guys, this coronavirus is serious.
  5. Man how sexually frustrated do you have to be to get this horny every time you go out to eat?
  6. This continual cycling talk is making we want the coronavirus.
  7. Just having a plan in place to go get tested is significantly reassuring. I think people are impressed with the website/drive thru idea. However, if it’s a shit show like the Obama website debacle people go back to panic mode quickly.
  8. Welp Carl Icahn just scared the shit out of me. He just went on CNBC and said his biggest position is a cds play against commercial mortgage backed securities.
  9. Hannah Ann is getting turned out by Josh Dobbs alien looking ass now. I wonder what her Tennessee dad thinks about that fantasy suite session.
  10. Madison plays a good game and almost had me convinced she’s less crazy than the average woman and then boom she goes full psycho with her eyelashes. Looks like she has a bunch of cricket legs hanging off of her eyelids. That’s a run for the hills type of indicator.
  11. This was possibly the least loved bull market in US history. The amount of cash that remained on the sidelines (3 trillion plus) and the lower velocity (which is why it lasted so long) bode very well for the upcoming post consolidation period we are going to see. I call it that because I’m not convinced we will see a reasonable definition of a recession.
  12. The business speak stuff was good for maybe 5 minutes not 30 minutes. Throwaway day can’t win them all I guess.
  13. Just because raiding the Pac is better than what we have now doesnt mean it still doesnt suck. UT and OU to the SEC makes way too much sense financially and geographically. Let the buttfucks we leave behind fend for themselves with the losers on the west coast.
  14. Looks damn good. Recipe?
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