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  1. We were section A row 7. Were y’all right in front of us?
  2. Man I love Reckling Park. Watched a lot of good Texas baseball out there. Took my 3 and 1 year old boys and they had a blast. People were very nice to us about them running around.
  3. Nancy's Hustle blew us away. Truly fantastic. The actual restaurant was not really our scene. Very "Austiny" which I know is a good thing on here but I lived there for three years recently and I grew tired of the skinhead tatted up hipster type. Lots of those at Nancy's Hustle including our waiter, but he was great. Very attentive and helpful, he gave us a great vibe and attitude about the food. We loved everything but the Nancy Cakes, Ricotta Gnocchi, and half chicken were some of our favorites. The burger stole the show though. The waiter said it would and served it last for us. When he gave us the dessert list we ordered.......another burger. Big fan of that place. Loved the French wine the rec'd too.
  4. Klatt has got to follow Bob. That may be the only sports related segment I listen to on the whole show. Plus, Klatt will clown Corby regularly.
  5. I've been hitting the younger demo's mom right in the caboose CHOO CHOO.
  6. Word on the skreetz is daddy Brockermeyer talked to a scout who didnt have good things to say about our staff/program/Hand. So then he started asking around and he has gotten mixed information. My FW buddy went from saying he would basically commit ritual seppuku if the Brocks ended up somewhere else, to telling me not to get my hopes up. Happy Monday!
  7. Nothing about Herman has told me he is ready to win consistently. I think this cycle looks similar to the last one and we finish with a top 10 class, which will include some frustrating misses.
  8. Family is in the cattle business up there. Smells like money to me. I grew up having to clean out the horse barn. The horse shit would dry out so fast that even walking on it would fill the air with shit particles. Stick a shovel in there and the air fills up like someone dropped a shit based chem trail inside. Id go to sleep at night wheezing shit out of my lungs, but at least it was a break from fixing fence.
  9. When is Suchomel's funeral? I mean he's killed himself by now right?
  10. Guys Ive been watching football for over 30 years, and all I can say is that Jordon Williams has "IT". His film speaks for itself and I don't really care what the services say. These guys get paid millions to make these evaluations, what do you get paid? Football is about more than offers and theres too many good players to catch them all, I just feel so blessed that we caught this one in the end. Honestly, I feel like fate brought Jordan Williams to this point. You will never know what is in the heart of a warrior. I can actually say I'm proud to have seen his film and know about this incredibly fine young man. I'm inspired. This really wraps up the whole cycle for me on a major positive note. Huge addition to this class. We need soldiers, not recruiting prima donnas. My wife left me after 20 years of marriage, but I can tell this kid knows something about commitment just by the way he shows up to work every day. He deserves this, so good to see good things happen to good people. This is really good. My wife told me she never loved me and took pretty much everything I have, but this kid makes it all worth it. I can really say I'm like a proud dad. Congrats Jordan, I can't wait to take this journey with you.
  11. Man the TDS levels are impressive in here. Yall do realize he's taking that booty again right?
  12. I think we should let all the retards like you from both sides fight it out til the death and we can go from there.
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