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  1. This show is really great! I don't think its dumb at all. It took a lot of risks with so many people in their first roles on TV, certainly Dave and GaTa were top notch for their first acting gigs.
  2. I haven't watched yet, but if you pair up 1/2 of The Americans with 1/2 of Orphan Black, this show should kill.
  3. Pablo

    Black Pumas

    thanks for this link, these guys are great. needed some groovy relaxing tunes after listening to hardcore rap/rock lately
  4. Been rolling with RTJ for a few years now. RTJ4 is really fucking good. was really looking forward to the RATM/RTJ tour this year, gonna have to plan for next year.
  5. hope to see my new favorite team on TV soon, the SK Wyverns!
  6. This dumbass at work just walked by my area and starts talking to a co-worker and says, "my son is home with a high fever" and then proceeds to talk with her about bullshit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile i'm over here in my cube covering my mouth and nose with anything resembling a mask. I chatted on teams to HR and was like get this bitch outta here. She finally walks away and I go over to HR and grab the Lysol and start spraying the area. HR rep comes back and says its unrelated and he's got the same thing she did last week. Yeah, CORONAVIRUS... RIP Surly
  7. Sidenote: Prion disease is terrible. My wife's mother died from a form of it called CJD. Unfortunately, it was the genetic kind and my wife was unfortunate enough to inherit the gene. It has royally fucked up her life and our relationship.
  8. yeah, i agree, but there's a lot of guilt for me to kick her to the curb. thinking about getting a place by myself to get away. it's amicable now, but I'd feel better without her around all the time. at least i don't care if she's doing something somewhere else
  9. 46 here, no kids, good job, good money, good friends i work with, boss isn't a douche and respects me; personal and work life i can't complain about however, been married for 19 years, but just caught my wife cheating for the 2nd time or more that i'm aware of. Not having this happen again, so divorce is looming. Trying to figure out finances and our apartment lease doesn't end for 10 months. Guess i need to start hitting that divorce thread up.
  10. such a classic episode, rep all around George Costanza: I've discovered something even better than conjugal visit sex... *fugitive sex*. Now, it's like every time [Jerry interrupts] Jerry: George, this is a little too much for me. Escaped convicts, fugitive sex... I've got a cockfight to focus on.
  11. Thanks for posting, Hank, that was worth the read. quoting good ol' Mark Grace, "if you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough"
  12. Griffey Jr should have been the first unanimous player. fucking NY media
  13. there wasn't anything obvious about OSU being better. Clemson and OSU were very evenly matched, but Clemson had the experience and the bigger playmakers. it was a great game...
  14. Pablo

    Mr. Robot

    Season 1 setup a great story, and while Seasons 2-3 were average, Esmail killed it with his final vision. Everything clicked this season, especially during the heist episode. Can't wait to watch it again. Goodbye, friend
  15. this saddens me, knowing that Luhnow was cognizant and maybe directed this type of cheating. it also enrages me that the "power" clubs will get no foul and we'll be bearing the full brunt of this fiasco
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