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  1. Also the starting pitcher for that same game was...you guessed it. Mike Fiers. His stat line: IP 1.2 Hits-7 ER-6 BB-4
  2. The Altuve shirt incident is incredibly easy to fact check. Altuve had that walk off walk earlier in the year and they ripped his shirt off. He said his wife didn't like that and he was avoiding it happening again. Picture is in the photo gallery below. https://www.reuters.com/article/baseball-mlb-hou-oak/altuves-walk-off-walk-completes-astros-sweep-of-as-idUSMTZXEF47M2W7YX
  3. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/1654048/sound-byte-from-an-old-alex-cora-press-conference-shows-cora-implicating-carlos-beltran-was-stealing-signs
  4. Beltran getting by with no punishment seems hilarious.
  5. I think one of the main complaints by the Facebook group was they heard nothing from the police after they sent over the information. I remember hearing one of the cops had gone on vacation and nobody checked his email or something goofy like that. I think they did send over the video because they waited and heard nothing until it popped up on the news and their Google alerts.
  6. There seems to be large amount of killers who hurt animals before they switched to people. Ted Bundy, Jefferey Dahmer, Son of Sam, all admitted to hurting animals. More recently the douche bag who shot up the high school in Florida had posted online about killing animals in a ridiculous way.
  7. There is a podcast called Mafia that is pretty good. It deals with specific individuals that were in the mafia but covers a good amount of general history as well.
  8. From a few things I've seen, it seems like a lot of the older people who were wiped out still had portfolios that were very aggressive and were heavy in stocks even though they were near retirement age. Also, it seems like a good portion had money tied up in mortgages they couldn't afford in a house that was worth less than they were currently paying at that time. I'm sure there was a lot more to it then those two things but that seemed common.
  9. Dumb question, is there an easy way to go about shorting the market when the inevitable downturn happens?
  10. Got a quick question for the experts. I’m opening a Roth IRA with vanguard and plan on picking out an index fund. Any suggestions on which one? I didn’t realize there was so many to choose from so it took me by surprise.
  11. Same here. After all the family stuff is done on Xmas eve I love flipping on Bad Santa. I usually make it to where they run over Bernie Mac before the booze takes over and I pass out.
  12. I remember the old place had an entire thread on investing for retirement. I may have missed it but is there a similar one here?
  13. Michael Buffer takes off to leave the mess. Kenny Mayne gets pelted with trash. Jacobs dodging cans.
  14. Mickey Rourke holding Chavez....This is nuts
  15. Mexican fans slinging some trash in the ring now. Hilarious
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