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  1. Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Mia Love.
  2. So a democratic city council and mayor which most major cities have will cave to a group that would not vote for them in the first place because why?
  3. Who says I love that message? Fuck you. That cop murdered that guy and should be held accountable.
  4. Damn you really are illiterate. I'd tell you to go back to texags but you wouldn't be able to read it. Good for you
  5. That's a very good point about the unions, we often forget about that. Can the mayor or city councils over rule the police unions?
  6. So democrats are against pensions for firefighters and cops?
  7. The man in charge of the police has nothing to do with allowing officers to continue to police the streets even though they have a history of being a shitty cop?
  8. Minneapolis has had a Mayor from 1 party since 1974....Don't the mayors hire the police chiefs?
  9. The city Mayor is a Democrat, the police chief is black, and the governor is a Democrat. So who exactly is pushing the agenda in this specific situation?
  10. It would seem both presidential candidate want 230 repealed. I don't see how it lasts.
  11. I stand with Van Jones. How about you?
  12. "Some activists say the agreements, which often require extra training in use of force and better tracking of personnel issues, don’t go far enough."
  13. What steps did he take?
  14. Which President put those cages to use first? Ferguson and Baltimore burned under the leadership of a black President and black AG. Give me a break
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