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  1. The concept of a coach "imploring" players to do something is just foriegn to me. I'm old, but I thought coaches taught you how to do things and made you practice those things and then you could fall back on your training and reps to get you through. But wtf do I know?
  2. The prospect of a Texas/USC conference game gruntles me greatly. But I think we can all agree that ultimately, aggy is a bunch of dumb ass, tard, weirdo, cock suckers, who went off with people who ultimately took advantage of them, and to no real advancement of their position in the world. Oh well, fuck em and good ridance. I don't think we belong in the SEC, and don't want to go there, but I hope it gets kicked around so aggy can realize that they are not on the same footing as LSU.
  3. My wife was a bit concerned when my typical outburst at the television went on for several minutes, along the lines of "fuck yes, fuck you gooners, fuck ou, ou sucks, fucking trailer dwelling meth heads..." There are things in life better than beating ou, but most of them don't happen in your living room, while fully clothed, on a Tuesday.
  4. It got so quiet in the Noble Incest Center. You could hear their breath whistling past the tooth. Made all that goon horns down shit so very awesome. Go home sad to your trailer Jethro.
  5. The Slab is good for things other than Natty Lite drinkers selling crank? Cool. That's reasonably close. I've camped at Colorado Bend and a co-worker says his family does well on their boat in that area. Hadn't thought about bank fishing/wading there, but the river is pretty narrow. I wasn't planning on getting in the water below any of the dams. No Deliverance scenes for me. I appreciate the word. It'll be The Slab and Colorado Bend to start.
  6. Yes. Wading is different in a river. And kayaks are really cool. I’m just looking for places along the Colorado with good access to fishable water and a rough idea as to when the white run will be there. Anyone?
  7. Upper Travis is sandy and rocky. Same with the other parts of the Colorado. Wading isn't the same thing as the bay, but you can get out there as long as you don't step off into the abyss.
  8. I now find myself a citizen of the Highland Lakes area, so if I want to leave the boat and make a Saturday morning wade, Shaffer Bend, and bends west, all the way to Starke dam are within range, as is LBJ and Buchanan. I've fished LBJ and Buchanan enough to conclude that bank access to points worth fishing are likely limited. Haven't figured out how to access the tail race and river below Wirtz dam. I see there are some little parks on Lake Marble Falls in Cottonwood Shores and the bend parks on Travis from Shaffer on to the dam. What are the best options for wading spots, and when will the whites genrally be there? I don't fly fish so I'm throwing small baits with a spinning rod. Help appreciated. There are times I just want to go without screwing with the boat and there should be some good spots in range.
  9. What happens if by some miracle, we end up in the conference championship game? I do not think this is remotely possible, but what if?
  10. We long ago abandoned Deep East Texas first for South Texas, and now the Highland Lakes. Turned us into finesse weirdos, dropshots and such.
  11. My boys grew up on that lake. My oldest son is the reason I fish bass tournaments.
  12. We need pics of those "Alabama shakers" please.
  13. Right over those mountains... I deserve this. And no, I didn't know CTJ was an NFL veteran. A lot of people here talk like they're NFL veterans. Explains a lot.
  14. No fucking idea. Given his history, he knows a lot of sub-geniuses make fine football coaches. Strong's failures as a HC speak for themselves. I personally believe he may have been a better choice than Orlando at Tech. IMO that's about his ceiling.
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