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  1. Close to the Bills debacle and the time we beat the Steelers but didn't beat the Steelers. Any trade rumors regarding how the heart of the order is going to stop striking out, or hitting into DPs with runners on base? Ok. I got that out of my system. It was like a burp that wont come up or something. But now I'm ok.
  2. There are certainly no pet $9.95ers anymore. Mack and Charlie would be trying to spin doctor this shit. Herman leaves us to spin on our own. This shit has exhausted me, and nothings even happening.
  3. She had two heaping hands full of fine character. I'm sure shell be a fine mother and PTO president.
  4. He 's proven he can grow the pornstache, so there you go.
  5. Pretty fucking dark, pretty fucking fast.
  6. His QB and offensive players seemed to get it. They hustled to the line to get a play off. I'm sure when the whistles blew, they assumed the refs had stopped play, not their own HC.
  7. Aint here to play school. I don't know nothing bout no chickens. Crab legs. Etc. Please continue...
  8. Roach doesn't owe anyone an apology imo. Dude has huge heart and brings it every game. We shouldn't have been in a situation where we had to block a fg to avoid giving up a lead with a minute left.
  9. Hate Baylor. But have to admire what Ruhle has accomplished against long odds. Where will he go next?
  10. Sliminess noted, but Urban Meyer is a cunning mother fucker. If he were a general, I would not want to be in the opposing army. Not since Darrell Royal have we enjoyed having a head coach who was the at the very top of the profession, imo. Freddy was good, but not the best.
  11. Good fishing, good hunting, is the Kings Inn still operating? I'd coach there before UT Permian Basin.
  12. I miss drunk Dandy Don and Howard. I miss Joe Namath in a full length mink. The NFL used to be fun.
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