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  1. I agree that your 2020 is completely pussy, Billy. Appreciate your honesty there. But remember that one time you beat Bama? Keep your double chin up lulz.
  2. You have no idea. That redass said this when giving away his daughter at her wedding: Who gives this woman away? “Her Mother, I and Texas A&M University!” True story
  3. Hates t.u. more than she loves her son. Steering him away (no pun) from his buddies with whom he would have an amazing college experience as well as from the very best training for his Olympic dream because of her own hate.
  4. That’s weird to me. Thought he was serious about throwing. Isn’t their program dog shit?
  5. Imagine him clocking Cuckbo on the sidelines when he pulls his tough little man act.
  6. They’ll make up some lie about allergies or something like they always do.
  7. Hope that duo tortures Jimbo
  8. I highly doubt every single word she writes
  9. Bucknut is still butthurt over losing Bijan to us.
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