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  1. Of course no healthy people have died. If they're alive, they're healthy. Duh. Rubes.
  2. Fuck yeah! No lines for the corndogs! Oh wait, that's probably incorrect too.
  3. Since they're too scared to play football against us, thumping their little sizzle chests about their recruiting fictions is all they have. And since they're the most dishonest people in the world, they won't ever lose that matchup. Solid gold for those pussies.
  4. Typical $ooner trash. Good riddance from our city. Did UT not kiss your ass enough, petty little primadonna bitch?
  5. Hahahaha. They still actually use that? the Wrecking Crew...
  6. They're just shitty people is all I'm saying
  7. Yeah I mean like a Dusty Renfro type slow fill the A gap corn fed
  8. Do you enjoy Columbus, OH and Fayetteville, AR too? Because it's like that with better food.
  9. I don't think we want inside LBs anymore. Just smaller quicker guys who can cover and run to the sidelines.
  10. What if they went full on high school and were the Bulldogs or Wildcats. That would be terrible and funny.
  11. I’m sure fatass is celebrating with a giga bucket of wings
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