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  1. I guess being the #1 athletic dept in the country the past 4 years has blinded us to the fact that aggy has surpassed us in all areas. Who knew? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. I love how they’re so against buying players now after having bought that entire #1 class with illegal bags. 😂 Such lying pieces of shit.
  3. Let’s hope swamp rat pelts remain out of fashion in Paris
  4. He’s probably not even going to be the starter given the KSU offense
  5. They can’t just be good. We also have to be bad. It is known.
  6. Look at blowu fans attempting revisionist history. They redshirted him in an attempt to cover his felony assault up which they succeeded in (because the Norman community fought tooth and nail to keep the video hidden for multiple years i.e. restaurant owner, prosecutor, judge). And he played the next year. And this was on top of the multitude of other wifebeaters Stoops seemed to favor. The Norman community is in the gutter with Waco in terms of overlooking violence against girls for winning football. Baylor/Blowu is your tomato/tomahto.
  7. If breaking a girl’s face in 5 places doesn’t warrant a suspension up there, a wholesome dui certainly won’t.
  8. How else are we supposed to find all the bbq and chicken fried steaks?
  9. Yeah traffic in Austin is rough to be sure. Still better than going to that cow patty.
  10. Any Corndogs crying about buying players is the best.
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