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  1. After having multiple single barrels and store picks over the last few years, I’d have to agree with you to a point. Some great, some meh and few stinkers. For the average bourbon drinker I think this is sound advice. No need to play single barrel roulette when you can get consistent quality from what’s on the shelf. However it is fun to try SBs and come up with the occasional gem. I’m finding better results with some distillers than others and of course it’s always good to try before you buy if the retailer allows it. Getting to taste can take out a lot of the guess work (although COViD has recently put a damper on this practice). Anyway, always appreciate your take on things Bozo.
  2. TxTower


    Kayce lassoes the russler in the cab of his pick up? Bit of stretch. I found my disbelief momentarily unsuspended.
  3. I experienced the same thing with an EC Specs store pick. I tasted against two other EC store picks and the one from Specs was a burner compared to the other two.
  4. TxTower


    Yes but now, now he realizes “it’s all for nothing” so he’s got to be tempted right? That is if Jamie ever gets around to telling him about the offer.
  5. Nothing fancy. 225 for four+ hours. Brushed them with some vinegar/brown sugar about half way to keep them from drying out and then some bbq sauce w 30 min to go. First time for a whole chicken. Came out good. Nice Smokey flavor and meat was moist and tender.
  6. Smoked Chicken, Spareribs and Sausage
  7. Smoked Chicken, Spareribs and Sausage
  8. That looks outstanding. Hope you had a good red with it.
  9. K-Paul’s closed permanently??? Damn Damn Damn Damn!!!!! Ive got so many good memories in that place. Tell stories about my meals there all the time.
  10. I’ve had a couple of these. One meh and one very good. Really high proof stuff that can be hit or miss. Pre-COViD TW would let you taste before you buy.
  11. “Austin’s Favorite” was one of TxTowers favorites as well.
  12. TxTower


    Maybe his refrigerator broke down. [emoji849] Good catch!
  13. TxTower


    Damn! Was looking forward to a review from BFLT.
  14. TxTower


    One would think Yellowstone Bourbon at the very least but that’s probably just too easy.
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