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  1. The Big12 is the Donatella Versace of conferences... Rich, not dead, and gross AF.
  2. What the PAC should have done when UT left them at the altar: While they were grabbing CU and Utah, they should have made a run at Tech and New Mexico. The Lobos don't move the needle but they provide a scheduling bridge between Tech and the other PAC schools. What West Virginia wouldn't give for a bridge school like Cincinnati right now. Also, in 2010, the conference network model was based on subscription footprint. Even though Tech is dogshite, they are in Texas. That means the PAC network would be able to charge extra for the PAC network in every TV package sold in the state, jus
  3. That orange is good for hunting on Sunday and picking up trash on Monday. smh
  4. I get the "Tell me about..." threads for schools in the Big12 (or formerly in the Big12), but this one is a little puzzling. Is it because FSU was rumored to be leaving the ACC for the Big12 back in 2011? If there's going to be a thread for every school that has a player selling hippie lettuce there won't be room for much else.
  5. Hmmm... no comments in over two weeks. Maybe the thread title should be changed.
  6. Chirp Brown... hell he was probably the turd that tipped off the Branch Davidians.
  7. Any FUPAs on the site? Asking for a friend.
  8. Hah! Hadn't noticed that. Good catch!
  9. It was not destroyed by aggy. It was destroyed by changes in the market. Oklahoma successfully sued the NCAA to get access to TV revenue. Once this happened, conference appeal to TV became ALL about the TV markets. The SWC and the Big 8 were in deep trouble because their market footprint was decidedly smaller than that of their rival conferences. Dodds and Joe Castiglione pow-wowed and agreed to a 10-team league by adding UT and A&M to the Big 8. A hasty meeting was called shortly thereafter in Austin with Pete Delaney and Ann Richards. These two, threatened to withhold state fundin
  10. The first Iron Man is still the best Marvel movie. GOTG is #2.
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