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  1. I paid $700 for a mountain bike 30yrs ago. this one looks like a lot more fun.
  2. Scott Adams says that nobody rides a power assisted bicycle that doesn't buy it. The sales guy told him there's a smile all the customers get when they test ride it. Makes you feel like superman. Far cooler than you can imagine.
  3. I have a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse that I probably paid $20 for between 3 and 5 yrs ago. I decided this year that Logitech makes better mice than microsoft - hands down. The keyboard, p/n 820-006477, has a numerical keypad. I swear, I put a few batteries in it when I got it and have never changed them. And I almost never turn the keyboard off, which means it must has some kind of sleep sensor. Don't remember where I got it, possibly walmart. One other plus - it has a caps lock light.
  4. Some news and a question: Until today, I've been paying Spectrum $127/mo for phone (home) TV, internet. Turning in my cable box today. All I watch is Fox, but I can stream that via my Computer attached to the TV (albeit with fairly shitty resolution.) FWIW, I can stream Baseball in HD the same way. Previously I'd been told my bill would drop to $75/mo. Today, they said it would drop to $60/mo. I'll believe it when I see it. They also mentioned one thing, which I summarily dismissed. They said I could stream TV for $15/mo. I'm wondering if I should have explored this further. Anyone have any experience with that? Will that include college football, if we ever have that again? Longhorn Network? Any other suggestions?
  5. I use a basic TP Link $30 router (two antennas). I can download stuff at up to 5 or 10mps. Download speeds are usually restricted, not by my router, but by the server the file is on. If there is a downside, file transfers between computers is limited to about 2mps (usually 1.5 or less). If I hook one computer directly to a router, the speed doubles.
  6. Be careful stretching your achilles tendon. Didn't work for me. I just do a slow warm up (running-wise) when I first take the court. I quit wearing my elbow sleeve, I kind of think it might have been making matters worse, or perhaps causing my body to compensate, thereby risking injury to something else. No elbow pain now, mainly because I switched to that Wilson PWS - virtually no vibration. My serves are pretty formidable, however, and my shoulder is in a state of perpetual tenderness. Will probably let it rest during the upcoming months. Starting a 2-plus hour balls to the wall match at 7pm is too damn straining. It's still in the low 90s at game time. With high humidity - jeez. I have a question though. One of the other players, who has had two shoulder operations, the latest being a couple of months ago, stated that he "stretches" the muscles before a match by lifting ten pound hand weights. Finding info on the web about this is tricky. I personally think that lifting light weight has nothing to do with stretching, but just the opposite. He's hurting himself. I think stretching should be done in a doorway, or better yet by holding a scaline with your thumb, then moving your arm, shoulder and neck. It's painful, but I feel relief immdiately. Any thoughts on that?
  7. A buddy and I used Ferti-Lome Brush/Stump killer on a particularly nasty trumpet vine that had spread beneath a bricked pool patio. We found the source, above ground, nearer the roots on the other side of a retaining wall. Did the job. Cut thru the big "roots" and painted this shit on. It contains tryplocmyr or whatever, mentioned above.
  8. How far are you from the big broadcast signals? What is the limit on this thing's effectiveness
  9. Sounds to me like you were essentially laid off, without cause. You remained ready to fulfill your part of the deal but they broke their promise, which cost you three months of salary that you can NEVER get back. I have to believe that any agreement like the one you signed says that you have to quit, or be terminated "for cause". The bonus was to get you to leave a company you liked, or at least could have stayed with, and take the risk of joining a company that was less stable. They backed out of the deal, not you. You got fucked. Not a lawyer, btw.
  10. I'm afraid to ask what NSAA means. However... I saw this pic recently of this drop dead gorgeous Frenchy named Heloise Giraud. Clean enough I think to post here without any grief. Her IG (via Gramho): https://gramho.com/profile/heloise_giraud/198868353 But damn, I forgot about one thing and this seems like a good time to get it taken care of. My sister's email account is thru Hughesnet. So what's the best email alternative these days? Gmail is the most popular, but I hear some negative things about it. Preferably something without too much spam or ads. It would be nice if it was a provider that Mozilla Thunderbird could mirror, because I know it has a pretty good spam filter. Any suggestions there?
  11. Looks like she's gonna buy that Lenovo. 2000 reviews, 4.2 rating 256Gig SSD, Nice machine. Thanks. I at least have her thinking about setting up a Hotspot. Turns out she's using Verizon for her cell phone, her home phone and her husband's phone. She's paying them about $150/mo. (FWIW, her 10 yr old 4g verizon phone says "LTE" on the back.) The only reason she's paying Hughes $90 per month is for their slow ass internet service. My buddy in Timbuktu, East Texas pays Verizon $120 for home phone, cell phone and 15gigs of "high speed" internet per mo which switches automatically to a slower speed after the limit is reached. They provided him with a cigarette pack-sized router of some sort that his home phone plugs into and which broadcasts a signal to his laptop and desktop computers. If you Google Verizon hotspot, they'll show you a pic of one of these little suckers. So with a little luck and a couple of phone calls, we may save her $90 per month. Her old HP is in decent shape. I'll probably end up using it as a backup. All's well that ends well. Thanks all.
  12. A gig a day sounds like a lot to me, unless you're downloading movies. I download a lot of Youtube stuff using this site, which, except for the pop ups is awesome (https://www.y2mate.com/). (Once you figure out how to centerclick the pop ups, you're home free.) A 10-min vid at 720 is 45mb. You could download 20 off those per day, or three hours of play. (FWIW, It downloads in seconds using broadband. btw, all you do is type in "pp" before "dot" in the dot com link. It takes you straight to the site. Ignore the initial pop up that says "download". You can download in mp4 or mp3.
  13. Aha! From Verizon: "With a mobile hotspot, you can connect up to 10 mobile devices via a 4G LTE smartphone. After a few quick steps, the phone creates its own secure Wi-Fi network for your devices to join. There’s no need for a USB cable, and multiple users can share your phone’s mobile data plan at once." (Posted simultaneously to Tokmak's post) So it sounds like the smartphone creates the network, the computer just logs on. She has an unlimited plan, I think.
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