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  1. Here's my suggestion. Find one with an old-fashioned style of flapper The ones I have use a gasket attached to the bottom of a cylinder. The gaskets get old way too fast (and the cylinder doesn't provide enough weight) and water begins to drain slowly from the tank. Before you know it, you're hearing your toilet refill every five minutes or so, all day and all night long.
  2. A local electrician tells me that one of the rural telephone companies offer some kind of protection service. I kind of agree with those who say that having ADP or someone notified when the alarm goes off doesn't do much, although I think they will call the police. (The town has a decent size force.) If I'm not mistaken, the cops will charge you for a false alarm. He's never had a break in. He knows "the neighbors". One guy who lives right across from his front gate. My biggest concern would be fire. The rock house was built in the late 1800s, and has seen a few upgrades. He's supposed to be looking into that as part of a package. And as far as meth heads go, I've had two friends who have had run-ins with "meth freaks" in the last few months. Curious. I guess it's a thing. We could be entering a strange time when that border wall gets finished. Should drive down crime, but might also drive up the cost of drugs.
  3. Just remembered, he has two donkeys that graze the area - and love sugar donuts. And the gate is thirty feet from a two lane paved busy road. Although, an inside motion sensor that could set off outside flood lights would serve to alert neighbors. Might be a good idea. Also, just talked with Spectrum. They still don't service that area.
  4. He has no connection right now to phone or the web. Spectrum would give him both, probably for $45 or so per mo. The local phone company has gotten pretty expensive, or so he's said. They doubled his rates, which is why he quit paying for it. Has anybody used any of these lower-priced systems? Simply Safe looks like an easy setup. I know I could Google it, but sometimes the "hidden" questions can only be answered by users or ex-users.
  5. A friend has a small getaway about a mile outside the city limits of a small Texas town (with a police force). A couple of acres, a gate with a lock. Not much of value inside other than a few antiques. Neighboring homes a few hundred yards away. He's been paying ADP forty bucks a month for a full system which includes windows, doors, etc, but it's no longer connected to them by phone. So other than a protection sign and an alarm inside, it's pretty worthless. I don't even think they have a rent-a-cop in the area. What's an effective way to keep burglars away? With, and without a phone connection? And another question: when he cancels service, will ADP come yank their equipment out of this house? I figure Simply safe must have some pretty basic stuff that will cause an alarm to sound when set off. It doesn't make sense to hook up every window and door, since there are too many for a burglar to choose from. How about a motion sensor, a smoke detector and a loud alarm bell, and a couple of signs that say "Video Surveillance"? Also, if he has Spectrum or the phone company re-connect, what else can he get from say a Simply Safe? Is there an inexpensive system that can dial his cell phone and send him images of an intruder? or notify him of smoke? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  6. This thread will walk you thru the process https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/684315/diagnostics-says-its-the-hard-drive-what-are-my-options/ btw, you can use robocopy thru task scheduler to backup everything important on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. You never have to worry bout losing your data again - until your external goes out.
  7. Not the best news. That ID tag is curious. At least, I think that's what it is. Two things. One: You're never supposed to turn off a machine while it's in upgrade. I have seen an upgrade take an hour, and sometimes your machine looks hung. Don't turn it off if you ever think that might be what's going on. Next reboot you should get diagnostics automatically. That might tell you what's going on. Two: If you can't salvage the HD, yYou can get a new one for $40. There's a site where you can download windows which will recognize your machine so you won't be charged. You will likely be able to hook your hard drive to an external unit which will allow you to download most of the files from it. You might have to freeze it in a zip loc bag. I've used this power source in the past. https://www.amazon.com/AGPtek-Drive-Adapter-Converter-External/dp/B00BIE996S/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=external+hard+drive+power+supply&qid=1599955399&sr=8-5 There might be something better now that Externals are USB powered.
  8. Gonna bump this two year old thread with some questions. For business, I suspect that I'm going to need to upgrade sometime soon to Skype/Zoom, probably thru my office laptop. Which means I'll need a budget headset and I have questions about the best way to go. I can see eventually needing this for a couple of hours per day. My Setup: I use a voip "land line" from Spectrum for most of my business calls. I like the clarity, plus the old-fashioned headset that's plugged into it works well with my hearing aid. I keep my cell on the desk for personal calls and texts. I use LinkedIn for business texting. I can easily connect the laptop to the router three feet away via ethernet cable, which strikes me as the clearest connection. 1. So do I want a wi-fi headset that would need to be charged all the time and inevitably would run out of juice during an important call. Or do I want one that plugs into the laptop's USB port, presumably powered by that? 2. Also, one ear or two? Pros/Cons? 3. Which platform, Skype or Zoom, is the most popular for business? I haven't looked into either. I'm sure connecting is pretty simple, but seems I've heard that Zoom is free while Skype requires an annual or monthly subscription. If a client wants to use Skype, will I need a subscription to participate? 4. Any suggestions as to an alternate configuration. 5. Finally, any suggestions as to a good headset? At $36, these MPOWs look pretty good. 2300 reviews, 4.3 stars. Stupid color, but not available in black. Thanks in advance. Still no pics of aging sister.
  9. I've heard that when the power goes out in your neighborhood in the middle of summer, you should turn off your a/c unit. Reason - when it comes back on, all the a/c units kicking on at once can cause some kind of drain that can fuck up your unit's compressor?
  10. That's worth a try. More of a dark oil, really. Keep the tube in your console. Your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend will have a new appreciation for your versatility.
  11. I've had this engine light on twice. Took off the gas cap, applied a light oil to the rubber gasket, put it back on. A day or two later, the light disappears.
  12. Make sure the new patio won't interfere with drainage. I hate the solid roof my landlord insisted on putting on the new pergola. Can't see the stars. Complete waste of money. Absolutely hate it.
  13. I can attest to the fact that tight neck muscles can cause malocclusion. It's temporary, fixable by certain stretches. The question is, can malocclusion cause hearing problems. You'll get about 600,000 hits if you google this "malocclusion causing hearing problem". Looks like the top results answer the question. Burt Reynolds had a famous case of TMJ.
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