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  1. Update on strings v tennis elbow. Turns out the PWS was strung with synthetic gut. Figured this out when a string broke Sunday (possibly because I played a match in the snow last Wed night). Got it restrung with synthetic gut at 60lb. Picked it up yesterday. Felt cheated because it turned out the string used was thinner. Googled it. That's good thing apparently. A finer string gives you more control. Vibration decreased even more. Last night had one of my best nights ever! Elbow feels great today. Here's to tennis science.
  2. I seem to have to price the market every year. Costco is the best I've found. Online ratings look pretty good. Annual increases aren't obscene. Tell your kid that he/she is going to have a wreck. The only question is if it's going to be a bad one or a fender bender. Never drive tired. Never ride in a car with a driver who's been drinking. Just being in your lane isn't enough. It's the oncoming drivers you have to worry about the most. Good luck. That is all.
  3. What is "the no wi-fi constraint"? You can't afford a $30 router? Any printer that can connect to one computer via usb can used as a network printer, by the other laptops - if you have a router.
  4. Uh... Jerry's prize coach, who he shoved up our asses for ten friggin years, was such a hot fucking property that all he could get was an OC job for one of the worst teams in the NFL - NY. They're not gonna win jack with him there.
  5. The downside of a trade or letting him go would be watching Dak hook up with a competent coach/OC/QBC and maybe seeing him go to Super Bowl. Just another aspect of our destiny with this shithead owner. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Dak wants to get as far away from Jerry Fucking Jones as he possibly can.
  6. Slight possibility that once he got the first down, Niners were ordered to let him go
  7. One of the best dramatic series I've ever seen. Thru episode 6. Constant surprises, twists and turns. Right up there with the Sopranos, Californication, Condor
  8. Surprised by the creativity and animation in Whitesnake. Not a bad flick. Tolkien was outstanding. Amazing story - well told. Where'd You Go, Bernadette - 7.5stars, Rocketman had its moments, Alita, Battle Angel excellent. Crown Vic, worth the time. Yesterday (Beatles fantasy) brought back some memories. Tell it to the Bees - chickflick with good acting, good story - Holliday Grainger beautiful sexy.
  9. The Riders - shoulda been the name of the Texans. Simple. Lot of historical/literary images come to mind. Riders of the Purple Sage. The Long Riders. Riders on the Storm. Midnight Riders. It's all good. Urban dictionary - Associated with Fearlessness https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rider
  10. I was talking to a local pro about why he likes his Head low profile racket (which is pretty nice). He said it was the smaller hitting area. Hmmm. That's when I decided to try the Wilson PWS that had been sitting in my trunk for two plus years. I already had a nice "Agassi" Head Mid Plus that I bought forty years or so ago, but the I now like the Wilson better. It has much better strings - in fact, they look like fairly new gut. Why don't I know for sure? because I picked it up in a thrift store on a lark for $5.
  11. And yeah, my shoulder gives me fits, but you just gotta live with it. Stretch out those scalines above your collar bone - liquid advil an hour before game time. And for six hours a week, I'm a thirty year-old again, doing just about everything I did back in the seventies, just about as well, sometimes better. Less aggressive, smarter.
  12. I have been lucky. I only regret that I didn't rediscover tennis until a year or so ago. At 5'11", 170 (180, 18 mo ago), I seem to be avoiding some of the nagging stuff that is causing problems for others in my group - so far, knock on wood. You made a couple of interesting observations. Babolat is real popular, or so I hear. I don't like the wide profile. Gets in the way of my serves. I ran into a West Texas MD recently who is 73 and uses a Babolat lined with lead tape. It played pretty well. He was a big topspin guy - and damn good. I don't use a lot of topspin, but have been working on it. Something for me to think about. My knowledge of equipment is dated. What do you recommend between synthetic gut and multi-filament?
  13. I play die-hard tennis for 3hrs twice a week. Total fucking blast. Lost weight, stamina off the scales (in my sixties). Six mo ago my tennis elbow was pretty bad. I switched from a shitty racket to an old Wilson PWS maybe three mo back. The pain has steadily decreased. Just a case of less vibration. As far as the weightlifting goes - give it up. Even heavy reps with light weight could leave you with long-term problems that can only be relieved for a few hours at a time by painful stretching. It ain't worth it. It doesn't help agility and also pulls on the spine, necessitating short term relief from a chiro, which will no longer be necessary if you just give it up. Diet, push ups, upside-down-pilates-sit ups will do most of it. A sport like tennis will keep you in shape for life.
  14. That's what I do. Save as a .tif if I want to resize. Check your jpg save settings. I use 5% compression for most things, but a lot of people say 10 is acceptable. But you should check the settings just to make sure.
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