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  1. If you just need it for business, inkjet is a bad idea. Most fire up every day or two whether you're using it or not. They will "clear" the jets, i.e., use ink. It is possible to go without printing a color document for a month or two, only to discover that you're out of yellow ink. Not a problem, you think. I'll just print B&W documents. Not so fast. The printer won't work unless you replace the yellow cartridge. That's why they sell them dirt cheap, because they rape you on the cartridges, complete with their own chip (often) making the use of after market ink riskier. I bought a canon D530 Laser Printer/Scanner (B&W only) maybe eight years ago. Supposedly, it only came with half a cartridge of toner, so I bought an off-market cartridge for $18 bucks of so. That original cartridge finally ran out of toner a few months ago. (Probably got a 1-2,000 pages out of it.) At that point I was wondering if the replacement cartridge would even work after sitting in a closet for eight years. Popped it in an it picked right up where the old one left off. The scanner probably cost about $150 back then. The price has gone up. They're now $340. The scanner is excellent. When I think of all the time I wasted fucking around with ink cartridges... https://www.amazon.com/Canon-imageCLASS-D530-Monochrome-Printer/dp/B008YD1V08 PS. you might find one for less if you get it without a wireless feature. Hook it up to your desktop and designate it as your network printer and you can print from anywhere in the house.
  2. My first thought was, "Who the fuck is Teddy?" Then, "Who cares?" Certainly makes high priced actors who want seasonal increases or who say, "I want the fuck out of this shit show" expendable. Hire a two-bit waitress and tell the audience "This might be Ed Harris, or whoever." (Yeah, I know who Teddy is) "I was so upset that I puked all over my shoes..." Well, goddamn. That's really icing on the cake after your mother abandons you. So glad we got to see that shit. Maybe they are setting us up for the Deckard "planted memories" card. How about... "the waitress bent over and her tit fell out... and I didn't even care..." At least get a hot waitress. And Serac? All the money in the world and the best he can do is hire this old chick? Like GOT, they've lost their way. They've forgotten about what got them there - namely lots of hot sex. Were we to believe that Tyrion, when trapped in the crypt, on the verge of being overrun by zombies, wasn't interested in finally having his way with Sansa? That might have saved that whole season. Imagine the scene - in the shadows, they realize they're in love, while all the way across the crypt, women and children huddle in the corner. By the way, any show like this absolutely must have a great Bad Guy. Name a hit action movie that didn't have at least one.
  3. For a story to be successful, the audience has to like or care about the "good guys." Well, only two of them are likable, Delores and Caleb, and they aren't getting enough time. I guess the writers think we should like Charlotte because when she isn't being a bitchy corporate asshole, she feels the need to tear her skin off. Well, fuck her. She's a fucking android. Nobody gives a shit about androids, except Delores, that is, who was a "sweet" droid for a long time. She's a murderer now, but she's murdering "bad guys," and she's got nice knockers. And soon she's going to fuck Caleb's brains out. Episode three was largely bullshit. I guess they plan to bring some more fucking droids back into the story, like that lumbering shithead, Bernard. Can't fucking wait.
  4. Used to have chronic sinusitis. Dried them out with one small red Sudofed a day. 10mg, as I recall. Not sure I'd recommend that anymore. Nevertheless, that seemed to solve the almost constant sinus problems. At some point switched to generic Claritan. one a day. Taken it for years now. Also keeps the arthritis in my hands away. Have very little problem with airborne allergens thee days.
  5. This media fascination with Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe ) is beyond stupid. Using him as the Rod Serling stand-in in The Twilight Zone doomed that shitty series from the start.
  6. That would totally suck, because he's set up to be the star, if HBO has the foresight to do so. Maybe a new version of Blade Runner, wherein Deckard falls for an android, (and of course, he's one too). In any case Paul, as the flawed human, saving lives and kicking ass looks like the best story line.
  7. Typical series downfall - too many characters. The first week was promising. Hot Dolores is making the rounds in sexy outfits and cool vehicles, killing rich bastards, and an understated ex-soldier (probably a SEAL etc) Caleb waiting to explode. They hook up at end of episode. Second week. We have that plodding SOS, Bernard and the very hard to look at aging, sagging Maeve
  8. Great price! 4.5/5.0 stars (29 votes) here. https://www.totalwine.com/wine/red-wine/cabernet-sauvignon/liberty-creek-cabernet/p/103456015
  9. Found this site that rates some TJ wine. https://www.reversewinesnob.com Two malbecs are mentioned in the $5-$6 range. Good reviews https://www.reversewinesnob.com/norton-coleccion-malbec https://www.reversewinesnob.com/2014/05/panilonco-merlot-malbec-reserva.html Also, their Blue Fin Riesling is great... if you like sweet wines
  10. Couple of notes: Found an article which said that the tightness with which most pros grip a racket, on a scale of ten, is a three. In fact if you look closely, you'll notice that the base of their hand practically covers the end of the racket. The caveat is that if you do this, you must hit the sweet spot or the racket will twist. That's how coordinated these guys are. Truly amazing when you consider the speed of the ball and the fact that they have to position themselves before each swing. Major league hitters got nothing on them. (I grip it pretty tightly, myself) Secondly, it's been a several months since I switched to the Wilson PWS. Initially, it had very little vibration, although when your elbow is killing you, it's kind of hard to tell because every little vibration hurts. I got it restrung six weeks or so back with Synth gut at 60lbs (maximum per the side of the racket), and I swear to God, there is simply no vibration. Most importantly, the elbow pain has disappeared! During that time, I've been playing twice a week, three hours a pop. That means that resting your elbow is not the only cure. You gotta stop the vibration, that's all. Final note, a couple of weeks before the restring, I added several layers of lead tape at 10 and 2 o'clock, which improved control and I think increased stability. Playing the best tennis of my life.
  11. Seems to me a hairy asshole helps keep things from crawling/flying up your ass.
  12. Trader Joes has this Black Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon that's about $7 a bottle. It's a great everyday wine, and the price is right. Anybody have any suggestions to compete with this. If it's over twelve bucks a bottle, clothes will need to fly off the women when consumed. Success stories appreciated.
  13. We've always called them mud daubers. Guess you didn't grow up in Texas. Those look a little strange, maybe because they aren't usually attached to a slick surface.
  14. How bout this instead. The Fuck You Dogs
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