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  1. It would seem signing an above average QB to a mega million dollar contract is a lot like marrying someone - hard to get rid of without a lot of grief.
  2. I'm sure the history of the NFL is jam packed with crappy owners. But nobody's selling their season tickets and the fans won't quit watching. And JJ's kids aren't gonna change anything. What other options are left? Probably none, but maybe getting enough fans to refer to this old coot as the SFOAT would help him realize that he's not leaving behind the legacy he thinks? Maybe SFOAT, Jr. would finally have a word with pop. How would he and the kids feel if everytime they saw his name somewhere a fan had scribbled SFOAT next to it. Or occasionally the Joneses y pass a billboard and see where someone painted the letters on it. Maybe Jones would get off his butt and hire a GM, or at least fire McCarthy. It won't happen. I'm just venting after watching yet one more season go down in flames thanks largely to poor coaching, a QB who is mediocre, and an owner who sucks.
  3. They got Houston close a few times, but those owners didn't inherit the honor of "America's Team". And those owners didn't shit away a star caliber coach (JJ) who had just won two SBs and plunge their team into a dark eternity. How long as the SFOAT been dumping on Cowboy fans now? How many star caliber coaches has he passed up to hire and keep the likes of Garrett and Gailey and Campo (Dave's winning percentage: .313)(the rest of the NFL couldn't wait to get their hands on these three stars)? Looking forward to the tailgate parties they'll have when he finally kicks the can. Could become a state holiday for the next 20 years.
  4. With all the info coming out about the Jones' Cowboys inability to get back to the Superbowl or NFC title game - compared to other teams in the league, and realizing that the Shithead has made only a few giant calls in his career that were right (one being hiring Jimmy Johnson), maybe it's time Jones got a moniker to hang around his neck.... Shittiest Football Owner of All Time - SFOAT, for short. I wanna keep the term Football in that title, because Jerry loves it so dearly. But open to suggestions... By the way, saw a headline that said dAK was being roasted on the Cowboys Twitter thread. Havent checked it out yet (didn't know it existed, either).
  5. If they could identify certain unique mechanics that lead to that injury, they should try to ban it. There's too much of it now and it will become an intentional take down tactic in the near future. Other team has a star? Break his ankle. There are plenty of players who'd do it at the drop of a hat
  6. Jerry Jones specialty has been relatively worthless cheap fucking backup QBs. Never is there one who shows flashes of brilliance aka Nick Foles. When was the last time we had a backup who challenged for the starting job? You want some production out of someone like Dak, give him some competition
  7. I remember one deep shot. Receiver was open for what would have been a long TD and dAK threw it way over the wrong shoulder. He choked. Has a wiring problem. He wasn't helped any by that fucking OC, Wonder Boy. All we needed was what SF had - a QB who wouldn't fuck it up. Jones is a sack of shit if he lets another good coach escape while he sucks hind tit on mediocre.
  8. Dak's got a circuitry problem. We saw that on the first play of the three minute drive - it's do or die time, and he throws a five yard pass straight into the arms of a linebacker (who dropped it). Unless he gets new coaching, he's done. The coaching didn't help him any. How many times have we seen an opponent come out after the break, show some changes and shut down the O? The HC and OC are clueless as to how to handle it. They may be able to analyze some Xs and Os, but they don't really know football. I've said all year the D wasn't going to be the problem and they aren't. If Jones won't get a proven star, then make Quinn HC. Apparently he knows defense, and some say that that's the best way to optimize your OC - have an HC with a defensive mind. Fat Mike needs to go. Maybe he'll find a way to take Jerry with him.
  9. If we lose, I'm blaming it on the short week - they ran out of gas in the second half. If we win, I think it will be the short week - we didn't have time to come off our Monday Night high. We didn't have time to overthink things. Bottom line: the team that hits the hardest is going to win this one. Here's a hopeful call that the 'Boys are hitting on at least 7 cylinders. Cowboys 38, Niners 35
  10. Skip Bayless compares this team to the '92 team that surprised Steve Young and the 49ers 30-20 and went on to obliterate the Bills (as JJ had promised).
  11. Sounds to me that there's no question that this "ruling' absolutely was the reason he missed at least two extra points. Probably three. Once again, NFL officials are proved to be full of shit. So instead, maybe the holder should use his knuckle or fist to drive a deep temporary indent into the turf. That wouldn't be a foreign object... assholes. Piece of grass... motherfuckers
  12. Cowboys were down 21-0 before they got going. I think it was 38-28 when the PI occurred deep in SF territory. If we had scored there, it would likely have been 38-35 with 6 min remaining. Aikman, Smith DJ... We woulda won. It was however their first year without JJ on the sidelines.
  13. Just watched it again. Deion simply kept Irvin from raising his arms for the catch. Still pretty blatant, though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0do-bfK_O3o
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