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  1. And FWIW, Sark comes off as a lot more personable and sincere than that asshole up in Ann Arbor
  2. Apologies, Sark, for a few "fuck yous" that might have slipped out in the heat of the moment, but I think a coach has to feel some pressure when his team isn't performing optimally. Gotta believe losing JB and Ewers (for a while) forced you to climb to new heights. You truly opened up the offense and beat the fuck out of the last two opponents. You have some offensive genius in you after all, and your recruiting is making us all believers. If anyone needs a little inspiration, go watch some of the historic Longhorn teams. This is where we need to be - the new Alabama - college footballs new dynasty - Austin, the dream destination for every high school football player in the country. When it comes to this program, never let off the gas. (And don't worry, Surly has your back.)
  3. Wilson panicked. He was free from that LB, had all day, probably coulda run it in. Terrible throw
  4. Have to wonder if Sark doesn't have a Worthy-worthy backup waiting in the wings. The future looks bright. Recruiting, if not already lights-out, will now surpass anything we've ever seen. Stratospheric.
  5. Was just about to post this. We had the game won at that point, and if Sark had pulled Quinn, we coulda been thrown into the same category as FSU - i.e., an injured starting QB. Ewers is a trooper. Also, had he stayed on the sidelines, the Pros would be that much more leary of drafting him high. Now, the fact that he has taken us to the CFP makes me reconsider whether he'll go pro. His stock is up. If he has another great game or two, someone just might be willing to take him in the top 3 or 4 QBs. Might be too much money for him to sneeze at. We can move onto Arch Madness.
  6. Sark woke up. He saw that he was turtling this offense - maybe he was trying to control mistakes, but dammit, he was being too conservative. He's unleashed the hounds of hell (offensively). He's gonna let the Big Dog Eat
  7. This is the committee's out: FSU, yeah, you're undefeated, but you didn't play anybody this year AND you don't have your number one QB. You aren't the same without him.
  8. Had they just kicked that FG... They'd be getting the ball back right about now
  9. They can still have a Florida team - FSU. I don't see them leaving out both GA and Ala
  10. FSU doesn't impress. Maybe with a good QB, but they ain't got one. How they are right now is more important than how they were two months ago. They'll get destroyed in the playoffs. They're not competitive
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