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  1. Mother fucker. Geez. Well the game would be over if it wasn't for those two Motherfucking Errors.
  2. There's something awkward about that SS's throwing motion. It looks a little too sidearm for accuracy
  3. Follow up: decided against using the Roundup Broadleaf on the St. Augustine except in a spot or two (as a test). The Roundup seems to be working pretty good on the broadleaf everywhere I sprayed. It's only been a week or so. In the test areas, can't see any damage to the St. Augustine. It's starting to green up a little. Re the beauty of St. Aug in Texas: As a kid in San Antonio we planted a front and back yard with st. aug runners by punching a hole in the ground with screwdrivers. The yard had some shade and always looked great when it got enough water. Good shade helps, OTOH pounding a baseball (wiffle ball) diamond between the front door and the street, the pyracanthas and the driveway on the sides, took its toll. Now I'm dreading going after the broadlear I didn't poison. Hoping that mowing with a grass catcher will do the trick - just let the grass choke out the weeds. That's suit my pallet just fine.
  4. Dateline: Central Texas So late last year laid down a palate of St. Augustine over existing weeds (getting nasty) and Bermuda (weakening). Watered twice a day for two weeks and seems to have taken hold. Looked great for five or six weeks then winter hit and it went dormant. Seen more broadleaf weeds then in previous years. I've been warned that pre-emergent on this new lawn was unwise, so I didn't do any. Same for spraying for broadleaf. But I'm wondering, since most of the grass blades are dead, is a broadleaf spray gonna hurt anything? The one someone gave me is made by roundup, actually - not the traditional kill-everything Roundup. I suppose there's a case to be made for the broadleaf killer to affect the St. Augustine roots. (I'm seeing some green blades, already). So what's the verdict from Surly's Lawncare Gurus on the broadleaf treatment? And while we're at it, I did put down pre-emergent on my existing Bermuda sections a couple of weeks ago. I think I got that in under the wire, but what say you on using it now (on a friend's yard) which will soon be sodded. Is it too late? And by the way, I'm catching a lot of flack for not watering enough during the winter. Seems to me it was a fairly wet winter. And if the ground is so fucking dry, why the hell is all this broadleaf coming up. Thanks in advance.
  5. Red Right Hand - Orlando Bloom. He's changed since he was an elf in LOTR. I like some of the stuff he's done in the last few years, but this one was about a 5 outta 10. Lot of plot holes. Some characters you like, but just a shoot'em up at the end.
  6. Leone put together big budget cinematography with big budget music, slowed the pacing down and threw in Clint Eastwood. Guess you gotta think big. Ennio Morricone was no slouch either. Big budget movies out the ass. Orchestras all over the world have been playing his stuff. If you want to see something astounding watch the HM Royal Marines perform Ecstacy of Gold (from the graveyard scene in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). Make sure your speakers are on. Likewise, check out Deborah's theme from Once Upon a Time in America (featuring young Jennifer Connelly and the adorable Elizabeth McCovern. That's a good fucking movie. Long but 8.3/10 on IMDB
  7. Glad KC won. That said, once again, a close game is ruined by a failure to call an obvious holding call in the secondary. Same old shit.
  8. Fucker wanted to be the hero, forgot the first rule of carrying the ball.
  9. Ferrari. Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz. Awful. No real story, just a few dramatic moments. Lead character never does anything except talk to other people - actually, that's pretty much all any character does.
  10. So just finished the final episode of Rome (2005) (8.7/10 at IMDB). Haven't seen it since it premiered. What an amazing piece of historical fiction about the last days of the Roman Empire condensed into a few years. A strong friendship forms between two warriors who in many ways couldn't be more different. Great acting all around. Unforgettable characters include Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra and about twenty others. Epic. The two men are Lucius Veronus, a by the book Roman commander and Titus Pullo, a brawling drunk, also in Caesar's army. Brings to life the daily life in ancient Rome. Very authentic realization. The story was not designed to go for more than two seasons, and the producers didn't sell out.
  11. Haven't seen those. Thinking about it. It's pretty cutting edge.
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