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  1. https://247sports.com/Player/Tommy-Bush-46037220/high-school-187457/ Oh hey, that's a familiar name
  2. I'm with you, but it's 2 years of commits, not signees, and we got shut out on all of our top prospects this year
  3. I'll be the one to come out and say it, I feel the same way with EJ/Roach, at least EJ was fun trolling the dumbfucks
  4. I think this is the happiest I've seen you since Ewers decommitted
  5. The only recruit I can remember who actually dropped at the top of an expected hour was Hullaby, I'd give yourself a 20 min buffer
  6. Plus having guys in the boat and recruiting others does invest them in the program more, there's gotta be some Bud Elliot or Bill Connolly type who has done analysis on how length committed factors in to keeping the commitment. But the most important part is momentum on the class.
  7. Just Friday newsdump all of our commitments, fuck Tuesdays
  8. This sucks, think Sark will get someone good to replace him, but obviously would have been better if he stayed especially with so many impending decisions so would rather have the relationships in place
  9. So when he was 36th in the country, Evan Stewart was in the 5* range, now that he's at 37, he's not in consideration, god bless Roach
  10. 7, I would imagine he and almost all of the 9.95ers consider Hullaby's recruitment an anomaly though and they aren't thinking "WOW, WE WERE WRONG ON THIS, NOW WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR WHOLE PROCESS"
  11. Are we really doing the thing where we pretend the average high 5* 17 year old has education as a priority above getting into the league
  12. Sure nothing happened at 6 but you never know what might happen at 7
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