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  1. Agree with Twice, definitely a good opener. If Morgan came in and took the job from Sydney, that alone says our back row defense will be better, and it looked as much. It took a set for Jhenna to get the timing with O'Neal and Butler. Nalani dialed back her serve in the 2nd set and Logan did so in the 3rd, and that helped both of them. Looking for another sooner spanking tonight.
  2. Pretty sure it was flour with a hole in the center. At least if I were going to do it now, that's what I would use. They hold together better and are a little heavier to cut through the wind. I assume the hole also helped with aerodynamics.
  3. Funny story about my last trip to Lubbock in November 1994. Unbeknownst to me, a tortilla made its way into my tuba. It stayed there through the sun bowl in El Paso. I found it in April.
  4. Yellow season parking pass (lots 108 & 118) for sale. Not looking to profit off surlyers. $150 will cover what I paid plus quick shipping. I'm in Round Rock.
  5. Um, you're a little late for Dart Bowl enchiladas. https://www.austin360.com/entertainment/20200714/exclusive-dart-bowl-closing-permanently-after-62-years
  6. This dude has made a ton of videos in the last 3 months, but "Go 6 Feet That Way" is pretty solid.
  7. But the ones who do (Hubard) know exactly what it stands for.
  8. I just have these all over the house.
  9. Pogo

    Jomboy videos

    This was the first Jomboy vid I saw last year and it got me hooked.
  10. Am I the only one who owns a toaster oven? Edit: I'll bet I am the only one who's wife deemed it necessary for us to own 2 microwaves.
  11. This exposes what wasn't really talked about when CDC came on board. Until then, we had a men's AD and Plonsky was the women's AD. It was a subtle thing that I don't remember being directly addressed, but CDC was announced as the Texas Athletic Director, with no gender descriptors. What nobody came out and said was that Plonsky was essentially demoted to "Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director". Some of those blue hairs are probably shocked that she wasn't the one calling the shots here.
  12. Pogo

    Its happening

    I'll get right on that. I'm sure I have some around here somewhere...
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