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  1. looks like the CRAZ residents have ventured out. Must have agreed to everything in the echo chamber already.
  2. Blacklab should have moved her posts to the Karen of the Year thread. They are actually Karen behaviors compared to what’s currently in there.
  3. Foghorn leghorn might make an appearance
  4. article includes a video of her crying about losing her job... https://nypost.com/2020/07/01/harvard-grad-claira-janover-lost-deloitte-job-over-tiktok-stab-threat/
  5. Groverat is on the loose... even Groverat is considered too far right in the CRAZ. Lol.
  6. The COVID on standby, waiving just to say, “hi”...
  7. Looks like a slow day in the CRAZ. They must have agreed with each other this early.
  8. They started clearing and shutting down around noon yesterday
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