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  1. I love these cloak room polls. You know exactly the majority outcome before the first post. did I just hear an echo ?
  2. Looks like the skin on her face was recently tightened
  3. Looks like she won an Oscar. A few hundred Oscar Mayers
  4. And keep in mind the basic flu kills 500,000+ a year worldwide as well.
  5. Just saw the Eagles. Glenn Frey’s son played with them along with Vince Gill. Joe Walsh can still rock. They played for 3 hours and had a full orchestra. Excellent concert.
  6. She almost popped out her dentures during the rip
  7. Hey Democrats did finally get out the results of Iowa. Getting things done.
  8. Guess they’re trying to get Michigan back?
  9. nancy ripped up the articles of impeachment.
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