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  1. dogfarts


    He is so tall, he could go duck hunting with a rake.
  2. Florida man claims he was attacked by a Skunk Ape while hunting in the 2020 Python Bowl
  3. As long as he can bring along Case McCoy as WR coach.
  4. Add SMU, Rice and Houston and the all of the SWC meets the criteria..except for aggy. Throw in UTEP also for good measure. Aggy is on par with UNT though.
  5. Wichita St. doesn’t have a football team and they have the other two. Advantage aggy though since UK beat Wichita St. in the NCAA’s the year they were #1 seed and UK is SEC.
  6. Only thing better than Ole Miss would be if Kiffin was coaching the Cowboys.
  7. Wasn’t 2012 a self proclaimed conference title?
  8. I don’t think Harrell is going to come to run Mensa’s offense. Question is, does Mensa give Harrell autonomy?
  9. Or during the interview, Harrell talked about exposing the weakness of the defense, using different personnel groups, adjusting the offense to the strengths of the players and using deception to run multiple types of plays from the same formation and things went south from there.
  10. It’s a complete upgrade. Quite obvious WR’s weren’t coached for shit on any aspect of the game this year and relying solely on natural talent. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. See, we just need to impose our will. New coaches will misalign the alignment /Mensa Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. He runs a High School offense that has been figured out. How many different personnel groups, formations, and plays does he have compared to other top 25 teams. If both the offense and defense are struggling, its not the coordinators fault.
  13. People who start their newer model car and let it “warm up” in the driveway for no less than 10 minutes every time before driving away. This happens when it’s 70 degrees out so it’s not to cool off/warm up the interior.
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