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  1. Bad penalty call, but I don’t feel bad about it.
  2. And a lot more. But at least one of them believes it.
  3. And the ball to start the 3D.
  4. Chickenshit play right there.
  5. Mond not exactly stepping up so far.
  6. Run to set up the field goal.
  7. Looks like last week wasn’t a fluke for Clemson. They look bad right now, even with the subpar play on the other side.
  8. I’d be surprised given his very public idiocy.
  9. Deguello

    Army @ Michigan

    If they can get a TD against the maize and blue as well as black and white, they definitely deserve it.
  10. Deguello

    Army @ Michigan

    Looks like it may take an incontrovertible Michigan turnover for Army to win.
  11. Deguello

    Army @ Michigan

    The inability to get two yards against scrappy but outmanned defenses brings back some really bad memories.
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