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  1. Kyle

    Ozark- Netflix

    Re-watch it ... it's there.
  2. Kyle

    Ozark- Netflix

    It is a little different when Edwin Edwards is the capo di tutti i capi.
  3. Kyle

    Ozark- Netflix

    Having lived in Kansas City and been a long-time mob history dork, Kansas City arguably has maybe the biggest mob history outside of New York and Chicago. Much of Las Vegas was built with help of the KC Mob, and Tom Pendergast's Democratic Machine would make Boss Tweed or Richard Daley blush - it just doesn't get the press because, well it's not New York.
  4. While your response literally sets new records for lack of cleverness, I like looking at the NSAA section too much to respond. The little brownshirt pussies on this board will turn in anyone Anne Frank style that does not conform to the Fuhrer, so just accept my apology and please don't sent me to a Bernie Bro.-sponsored concentration camp.
  5. #nocloakroom ... If theaters were smart, they would start a campaign about how only old, rich white men can afford home theaters and media rooms -> streaming is inherently racist.
  6. Karens have completely taken over Nextdoor like Kung Flu chopped New York City ... trembling inside has opened the door on outrage against people driving to the store or walking down the street.
  7. Right? If only the guy with the machete from the other video had showed up.
  8. I definitely need to understand the backstory and the outcome. Someone needs to run that plate.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2005/sep/30/birdflu.jamessturcke
  10. Connelly weaves real-world events into the books. The house gets severely damaged in one of the books. He gets it fixed I think - gets condemned but ultimately repaired I think. Need to see how much that bad boy is on the rolls for.
  11. Dude ... are you blind? That one has a bevel.
  12. Agreed. Howard was redeemed, and seems like a decent guy. The "hate Howard" plot is kind of a distraction, but ... maybe that is the MacGuffin that resolves Kim. Riffing: she and Jimmy divide over Howard, she goes off-reservation without his knowledge, gets busted, disbarred, and leaves ABQ in shame and returns to ... Omaha. Last scene of BCS is Gene sees Kim somewhere in Omaha or Kansas City.
  13. Kyle

    Uniform Pron

    Could have fooled me they’re new - agreed on Minuteman.
  14. Restarted season one. Missed a bunch of callbacks from later seasons. Greatness.
  15. The tend to weave 2-3 books / season, so even the Daisy Clayton storyline is a separate book (I've read them all but cannot keep them straight). Last season, his mother's storyline I believe was "The Last Coyote." They do not really group them in the TV show by series order, so sometimes a book written in 1995 gets juxtaposed with one written in 2015, so they blend some of the macro details.
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