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  1. Avery and Dassey been freed yet? Chuckle.
  2. I have not seen Adnan doing many publicity stops since he got out of prison. What gives?
  3. That's why I don't think it's fair to say America is "anti-rail." It may be the America is anti wasting more tax dollars on unnecessary boondoggles ... that does not even consider the ridiculous capital needed for startup - buying the land alone likely could not be covered by a private investment ... much less capital to build the infrastructure. One can still love trains and not be "anti-rail" but still understand it is a foolish decision.
  4. I'm too lazy to look and have to get the kid to baseball ... does anyone know if any of the European rail systems break even? I know that no mass transit system in the U.S. does, but does any one in Europe?
  5. Fundamentally, trains' efficiency declines while airplanes' efficiency increases. In a large country like the U.S., planes just make more sense. I love taking European trains - even the Italian rail is cool ... but Europe is the size of Texas.
  6. Need to just skip trains and go to the tube that can get you from Dallas to Austin in 20 minutes. http://austin.culturemap.com/news/innovation/04-07-17-texas-hyperloop-one-system-high-speed-travel-austin/
  7. Is it cool having your mom run for president? Being first kid would be cool.
  8. I do not think there is an anti-rail attitude as much as it is an anti-boondoggle attitude. Just not efficient.
  9. Again, I love trains. But it does not take a genius to do the math in one's head to realize this is not only not viable but literally impossible. Honestly, I question the mental acuity or sanity of anyone who actually thinks this is possible with private money. I mean, a first year McCombs student can build the NPV model that shows this is not happening. They'll raise money, they'll spend it on consulting, and they might bulldoze a few trees. But it is never happening unless the government funds it.
  10. I love trains. There is zero chance this boondoggle gets built. The state will bail out the "investors," and now one will speak of it again.
  11. If there is any doubt Bernie Bros completely infiltrated and destroyed the Shag ... eight pages on the "royals" that are not Lourde or Kate nudes.
  12. Why? The community college catalog and Mary Sue and Stormjanitor were the definition of forced and unneeded.
  13. Bless your heart - I think www.match.com still offers a free trial. Get some old pics, try to find some personality, and give it a shot. Projection is so 2000s. The problem with Kylo is they modeled him after a Bernie Bro - an emasculated, angry pussy than bullies people but completely lacks substance.
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