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  1. Bless your heart. Whataboutism is so cute. I has to intimidate you Betas a hot chick as sharp as her ... hence why a stupid cow like Psaki is more fitting of your Beta bedroom prowess ... all trying to perform while longing to be a ABCDEFG+_*/ affirmation of Betaness. (We get you Betas are intimidated by strong women and prefer the "let me circle back," i.e. ask a man)
  2. It's refreshing to know that even Betas were smart enough to let this silliness go ... I mean she actually is dumber than a box of rocks ... she would be a national embarrassment if we did not have a corrupt old ra(c/p)ist fool pretending to be president from his basement.
  3. Those look like the pictures Richard Levine took to the doctor's office.
  4. Kyle


    I admire your commitment to the crazy.
  5. Kyle


    Does this also confirm we're back to "believe all women?" #tarareade
  6. Kyle


    Cuomo starting to understand how Robespierre felt as he rode to the guillotine.
  7. Add this to math, reason, showing your work, asking questions, timeliness, SATs, grades, condoms, BMI, beetus, etc. ... yawn.
  8. Yada yada yada ... get to the point: https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/forum/20-id-pee-in-her-butt/
  9. Kyle


    My name is Kyle. I intentionally watched Outlander. I'm one episode away from being a full Beta Biden Bro. The historical stuff is actually decent ... the 18th Century sex scenes entertaining enough ... the plot just silly - like WW84 or the New Star Wars with 18th Century technology.
  10. How is it in other parts of the state? We've had roaming government mobs here confiscating masks and forcing people to go out to eat, shop, and employ people at small businesses ... how you guys encountered this kind of fascist authoritarianism in other parts of the state?
  11. It was a good week ... - usual lies - white power shout out - contradicting science and CDC experts I guess “good” has been redefined like racism, etc. LOL! #idiocracy (please rep me snowflake fascists)
  12. He deserves it. F the HOF for making him wait.
  13. It's amazing schools would even consider opening with the tens of thousands of kids and teachers dying from covid every day.
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