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  1. Amazing movie. Glad David Cohen has not been cancelled for cultural appropriation. I think the Shape of Water win was a legit E&Y fuckup.
  2. Anyone lawyers out here willing to answer a quick question about class B? I can shoot you a private message if available. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have participated in RealtyShares. No problems. That platform transferred to intoo, but you can make smaller investments in debt or equity.
  4. Kyle

    Driving Pet Peeves

    The Ticket discussed years ago that the worst drivers are in white trucks. I think that holds.
  5. Kyle

    Driving Pet Peeves

    The slow left lane is an obvious given. But it is exponentially worse when the same guys been clogging traffic for miles by going slow in the left-lane then cuts across four lanes of traffic last minute to exit right. Second the taking a spot in the right turn lane when going straight. Just inconsiderate ... of course made worse when there is one car in the straight only lane and the donkey needs to be first in line so cuts over to the straight or right-turn lane last minute.
  6. Kyle

    The Boys Season 2

    So far seems like the Winklevoss Twins' freshman film project.
  7. Kyle

    Cobra Kai

    Me neither. That made it even more touching.
  8. Did you watch Alias? I thought Abrams took Alias and Lost on the same path: didn't have a clear meta-arc, and the conspiracy got away from him.. Started out with a cool, unique story idea and interesting characters. First three seasons spent about 50% on character development and 50% on the meta-plot. Around season four the meta-plot got too big and to confusing to pull back in to anything that made sense ... last seasons spend little on characters and trying to tie up discombobulated plot.
  9. Kyle

    Cobra Kai

    "And change that ring tone. Get some Guns N' Roses or something." "[What's Guns N' Roses?" "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that." “I like muscle cars, martial arts, and Iron Eagle ... and Iron Eagle II.” The whole family loved the series. Just the right amount of nostalgia and cheese. Yeah the karate stuff is super dorky, but I'm just glad we can watch without a character going on a soliloquy about "cultural appropriation," and nice to have some anti-snowflake tv. I'm optimistic Shue shows up for season three. Hopefully they got a greenlight before the callout. I hope next season is more Johnny and less Robbie - that kid sucks. Not to get to serious, but I enjoyed seeing Johnny's perspective on high school Daniel and pulling the curtain back on his teen years: good lesson in Daniel's Karate Kid POV and Johnny's Cobra Kai POV ... and the seen with Johnny's crew was fantastic - if that didn't make you dusty and you don't like the series, you need a heart.
  10. Fring would be the most logical, best spinoff IMHO. He's the most interesting, multi-dimensional character. I like Mike but not sure pre-BB Mike is that interesting.
  11. Guilty. I love the tittoo girl (your first pick) and how she fancies herself as some kind of Instagram supermodel.
  12. This. <captain obvious>Every fake hate crime dilutes actual hate crimes.</captain obvious> We should celebrate the fact the latter seems to be pretty rare these days.
  13. Kyle

    Ozark- Netflix

    Re-watch it ... it's there.
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