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  1. Can you re-post in English and correctly use "dumb?"
  2. Thanks Alanis. Again. I'm not available, but I appreciate the obsession.
  3. I'm not sure if it's funny or pathetic ... can someone send some hookers? Still trying to figure out of its more funny or pathetic the coordinated sock attacks:
  4. You are too stupid to know the definition of dumb, jerkoff sock.
  5. #irony. You have not made a cogent response to the topic but just released your jizz jar of socks. Why can't you respond to the topic (the original post)?
  6. I'm sure you and your socks would welcome your response to the actual topic.
  7. Seriously ... how long are you guys going to keep up the circle jerk? What size jizz jar do you guys have? I do admit, you guys can mobilize morons faster than Hitler.
  8. You literally have not made a single post on topic but just continually pine for me (and your socks). You certainly demonstrate that if you cross the national socialists you all will get out the long knives.
  9. Thanks. I love watching cancel culture in real time.
  10. But your tell is you cannot formulate a cogent, intellectual response. So good for you if it makes up for all those high school wedgies and swirlies ... congrats - you can put BBS badass on your Tinder, but not sure it will help ... as noted by another poster.
  11. Dude ... at least find a meme that did not use MS Paint.
  12. Welcome Cactus! She's the latest sock to be called in when the morons cannot respond with words.
  13. I just like that you and this guy's idea of living on the edge is negging people on message boards. Did your shrink tell you this would make up for the elementary school playground?
  14. I just like that you and this guy's idea of living on the edge is negging people on message boards. I'm sorry the surgery didn't take.
  15. Exactly. That's why they have to go get the Gestapo to shutdown diversity.
  16. We don't expect you to think in complex ways, so it's okay. "Not sure" is about the best we can hope for ... just stand there and look pretty.
  17. It's so adorbs when you have to re-login to protect your sock.
  18. How long did it take you to craft that response? Seriously. Was that a sick burn in your world?
  19. Huck, is this like anti-gay catnip for you? Why do you have to hate gay folks?
  20. Thanks Tom. I'm glad your boyfriend called you in for reinforcements. #usernamechecksout
  21. So you think cops are justified in killing once they give an instruction and the perp does not follow it? (HINT: we'll never hear from you again on this thread)
  22. Sweetie ... as I told the other guy, I'm not on the market. But you should meet this guy - he's stupid but ugly. (Just FYI - fucking your sock is just masturbation)
  23. So let us get you on the record - a cop killing a person "with hostile intent where they are defending a secure area" is justified in killing said person? Question 2 - who determines "hostile intent?" So coming through a window is "hostile intent?" So "hostile intent" means someone not carrying a weapon? Did the officer think she was going to burp on him? Do you have a definition?
  24. This guy apparently has one you can borrow that he jacked (ewww ... poor word choice but likely literal (actual literal not Joe Biden literal) in this case ... from his aggy boyfriend.
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