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  1. Does signal anti-Asian hate crimes have become a worldwide problem?
  2. Pretty much explains why we have such a loud, stupid electorate. It's not always people's fault for being stupid. Whitmer's press secretary should be Clown Prince of the Cloak Room.
  3. This guys is the biggest fuckup in public life after Governor Emmy. Exhibit 1 as to why you don't turn over public policy to some idiot bureaucrat who could not get a job in the private sector.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/albion-college-students-demand-change-after-racist-graffiti-reported-on-dorm-walls/ar-BB1fkCde Albion College students said they are demanding change from the administration after recent racist actions were reported on campus. Some senior students said there had been a racial incident just about every semester and little changed over their four years to make campus feel more inclusive. More than 450 Albion College students and staff members marched across campus April 5, 2021, to boycott the injustices they said are happening on campus. “For the past three years we’ve dealt with the same thing, it’s time for something different,” Domonic McDonald, an Albion College junior, said. Students said in the past month there had been at least three incidents of racial and derogatory slurs written on walls in the residence halls, along with drawings of swastikas. “You’re nothing but a coward, you have no room here, you’re not welcomed," McDonald said. “I’ll pray for you. You need to be better.” Students said they didn't think the college administration was taking these injustices seriously. “We do this because Albion College has polices that take a stance at anti-racism and if they are not upholding those policies, we would like to make sure they are held accountable,” Jayson Sawyer, a senior, said. He said if they are not heard, a group of students would file a civil rights discriminatory lawsuit, with the help of some Albion College Board of Trustees members. Sawyer organized the boycott on campus because he said some students didn't feel safe on campus and were asking for more transparency of how these incidents were handled. In a statement to News Channel 3, the Albion College administration said they stand against racism, hatred and injustice. “The racist and anti-semitic actions taken on our campus over the last week are cowardly and will not be tolerated,” Albion College President Mathew Johnson said. “In addition to caring for and protecting the students most directly impacted, and addressing the safety concerns of the broader student body, we are currently investigating who is responsible forracist graffiti on our campus.” One group on campus, Build Albion Fellows, was focused on bridging the gap between the college and the Albion community, which is predominantly white. “We feel like they brought us here to meet a quota more than they did because they wanted us here,” Akaiia Ridley, a Build Albion Fellows member, said. Ridley said she had seen change on campus, but more needed to be done. “I have so much hope that we won’t be doing this again,” she said. Johnson said the college was offering a $1,000 reward for any information on who is responsible for the recent racist actions on campus. He said they would be seeking criminal charges against those involved. “If they are Albion College students, they will also immediately be subject to the student conduct process—including the potential for suspension or expulsion,” Johnson said.
  5. That seems to be in question ... he definitely fake a bunch of his credentials ... he seems to be a doctor along the lines of DrJill, the the world's greatest doctor and our Surgeon General.
  6. Blek Spring Break. https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/03/22/local-leaders-question-whether-race-is-playing-role-in-increase-of-miami-beach-police-activity-during-spring-break/
  7. Not everyone can be an alpha like kyle. <typed while wearing gloves and three masks at home alone>
  8. Surprised they didn't recast Indy as a fat, blind, blasian tranny in a wheelchair with dyslexia and an alcohol addiction.
  9. Come on. You're so Q. It's not like all those outlets refused to cover an FBI investigators into a presidential candidate's son about a corroborated story about China bribing the candidate and twit suppressing the story. I mean do you even Russian disinformation bruh?
  10. Because the millennials are all stupid betas that cannot think for themselves. At least boomers were savvy enough to sell out. Fuck both or them! #genx
  11. What the mouth-breathing fuckwad betas forget is they're all built on a public asset - that's why people with brains and critical thinking can understand the common carrier position. Of course these same bed-wetters were cheering Barry's "you didn't build that." ... plus they think bleks can't figure out he DMV much less worthy of SCOTUS.
  12. In fairness ... they watch television where actresses tell them a woman with a masters in community college should be surgeon general ... not completely our fault.
  13. That would be a silver lining of the Wuhan Willies ... more smart people pull their kids out of the shitshow that is most public schools.
  14. The have the most highly educated ignorant ignoramuses in world history: https://www.skeptic.com/research-center/reports/Research-Report-CUPES-007.pdf
  15. Our district is thinking about doing permanent online to breastfeed all the freaking snowflakes.
  16. Dr. Water Bottle has been a complete disaster. Maybe if dumbass president houseplant would stop wearing his gigantic face maxi-pad. I swear he's like a redneck with a big, loud truck compensation.
  17. You'd think the Presidential Camacho voters would think before they post regurgitated stupidity. #fauciwaterbottle
  18. Become a social justice warrior: https://www.dirt.com/gallery/more-dirt/politicians/black-lives-matter-co-founder-patrisse-khan-cullors-lands-topanga-canyon-compound-1203374803/
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