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  1. Correct. An intelligent, data-driven response. Hence why I have a much different POV around my parents getting vaccinated vs. me getting vaccinated or my kids. Also why the bar shut down is sort of silly - olds are more likely to be at Home Depot or Wal-Mart than a bar. Armybrat noticeably the exception.
  2. One of funnier covid-related things has been some covid hysteria among lifestylers ... I was always like, "hum ... may not be the #1 concern here ..."
  3. I genuinely struggle with the time frame issue, particularly around "date rape." I do not have a great answer but we need to find a common, agreeable way to balance the real trauma faced by a rape victim with some respect of the rights of the accused. I do tend to be a little suspicious with long-delayed (> year) claims ...
  4. The anti-science crowd continues to ignore the data about school transmission rates.
  5. Pick one: 1) Trump 2) Systematic racism 3) Anti-mask Trump supporters 4) QAnon 5) New Michigan top-secret variant
  6. This would not be confusing to anyone that has been paying attention to the data for the last nine months. (not you but "experts")
  7. Austin has nothing if not Silicon Valley envy. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/S-F-spends-record-241-million-on-homeless-6808319.php
  8. This has been the most frustrating component of this episode from government officials to polite conversations - the tendency to ignore data in favor of ultracrepidarian "experts" as well as to engage in at best mental gymnastics and at worst wild conspiracies to explain away data in lieu of a desired narrative. "Science" has been redefined as "desired narrative" rather than demonstrable data. On this particular suicide issue, I can be both approach the CDC data with some skepticism given contradictory (admittedly much smaller scale studies) and the CDC's hardly infallible track record record; however, I do not doubt the date prima facia without clear reasons to believe the data is incorrect ... and of course there is no "desired narrative" that would ever make me celebrate additional suicides among children.
  9. Anyone had success with Yieldstreet or similar alternative investment platforms? I had used Lending Club and RealtyShares before they shutdown. I got an add from Mint about Yieldstreet and was curious if anyone uses it or a similar platform.
  10. “What we’re seeing now is our community coming together to put the resources behind the proven housing and outreach strategies identified in Austin and across the country,” Grey said. “HEAL is, by design, an iterative and collaborative initiative that will not only have an immediate impact on the lives of people living in unstable and inhumane conditions but will also build the entire system's capacity to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.” Translation: When we homeless advocates got together at the Four Seasons last year we had wine at Eddie V's and came up with some gobbledygook to spend tax dollars and to continue to justify our big administrative costs.
  11. To return to the mental health topic. Data from one hospital, but hard to imagine all these single studies may not point to a trend: https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/04/06/suicide-leading-cause-traumatic-death-young-patients-texas-hospital/ NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Suicide surpassed car wrecks and child abuse as the leading cause of traumatic death in 2020 at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. The trend doctors described as ‘alarming’ when it emerged last year, is happening at an even more frequent rate in 20 In March, the hospital admitted 43 children after suicide attempts. The new record broke the previous high of 40, set in January. Many of the patients are girls, between 14 and 15 years old, although pediatricians have reported impacts to children as young as seven. The isolation, loneliness and stress of the pandemic is leaving children feeling hopeless, doctors say, and ready to just give up. “It’s hard to see that things are going to get better, if you’re only in your room doing virtual school,” said Dr. Kristen Pyrc, the co-medical director of psychiatry at Cook. “You don’t talk to anyone else. You’re so isolated it’s hard to see things will ever change or get better because you only see what’s around you.” The children’s health care system first noted the trend in August, after admitting suicide patients at the rate of almost one every day. It was happening as school districts debated the safety of students returning to classrooms. Doctors said the delayed return to a normal life, left some children with a sense of hopelessness. It was heightened they said by social media that filled the lack of in-person connections. By the end of 2020, seven suicide patients had died at Cook. That number does not include children who died before being admitted to the hospital. Those same pandemic pressures are likely largely to blame now, Pyrc explained, with children who are isolated often seeing some aspects of life that have resumed, happen without them, in real time on social media. “Their friends are so important for their development and for their happiness, and then all of that’s been curtailed or changed,” she said. “They’re just very here and now in their thinking and so for a lot of teens, here and now is terrible and they’re feeling hopeless and they just give up.” The 118 suicide attempts among the hospital’s patients through March, are closing on in the 2015 total of 144. 103 of those patients so far this year, have been girls. There have been 442 consults for children at risk through the first three months of the year, 60-percent more than during the same period last year. At the same time psychiatric care resources for children continue to lag behind the demand, according to the health care system. It’s not uncommon for a dozen patients to be waiting for room in a psychiatric facility. The waitlist just to see a counselor at Cook can be as high as 250 days. Cook Children’s plans to launch a campaign this month, aimed at slowing down the trend. The JOY campaign, an acronym for Just breath, Open up and You matter, will try to impress on children that the pandemic experience is temporary. It will also address over-the-counter medications, social media and the impact of suicide on parents and siblings. Dr. Pyrc said while it’s normal for teenagers to be withdrawn, parents should be aware of warning signs like a lack of engagement or interest even in the smallest things they typically enjoy. She is hopeful the trend can be reversed.
  12. 100% above and below ... definitely a broader cultural problem where narcissism seems to be our key value.
  13. That pretty sums up our culture. I keep thinking the adults will step in and regain control ... but not confident at this point. Count me as tired of Karens and Betas driving everything.
  14. There's something naively aggy-howdy about this guy just blabbing innocently about his stupidity for all the world to see. Part of it I actually find refreshing as its so counter-cultural.
  15. Stupid question ... I obviously never ran track ... wouldn't she shave off a few seconds without all that shit on her face, nails, jewelry?
  16. I've become invested in this tale of bravery and exploration ... basically like the Enterprise of Harris County. I'm actively considering taking off Friday to go to Houston to see the wreckage of the Santa Maria and lay a wreath. #ripjonboat
  17. He's going to have a bitch of a time finding a place to keep his horses. Those blue bloods frown as messicans in the Polo Club unless they're scooping poop and combing ponies.
  18. Apologies for the Capt. Obvious ... I still simply cannot fathom 1) this video is real 2) the cops were acquitted. Some things I can find no way to wrap my head around.
  19. I do realize most of the first giveaways have not been spend and the teachers unions still refuse to return to work ...
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