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  1. Just like you, I am starting to see a pattern here with the Big Ten. It revolves around the word "stupid".
  2. Did you hear the one about the traveling salesman and the farmer's Junior VP of Public Relations?
  3. You didn't see their game today, did you?
  4. ...and yet, here Aggy shows up in a thread about the Big Ten, no less. Yeah, you're over them.😀
  5. I guess I'll have to take your word for it, having never been to one myself. Wait, tell us all it was just one...
  6. Nine years is a long, LONG time to have a chapped ass about Nebraska leaving the conference. Then again, there's no healing on the horizon for Arkansas bailing from the SWC, is there? That was 28 years ago.
  7. Or else a lot of them are just football fans and bought tickets to see a football game and would like to see only that football game. How twisted is that???
  8. You act like they are mutually exclusive.
  9. At least a 20 minute call has one minute of communication. I have seen texts go back and forth with no communication taking place. Worse, is that both sides THINK that communication has taken place.
  10. Did you try to convince the kids by asking, "What could possibly go wrong?"☺️
  11. I can't say. I wasn't too old at the time, but that would be my guess. Otherwise, who in their right mind would let go of the hang glider? Back then, we called them "Rogallo wings". LOL, after Mom read about it in the paper, she warned all of us kids for the umpteenth time to "Stay away from that river!" I guess falling hang gliding enthusiasts were added to her list of the inherent dangers trying to kill her kids.
  12. This whole cell phone / internet / computer fad. I will be glad when it all blows over in a couple of years. I work in IT, by the way. So that's a professional opinion. Here's another professional opinion: "Texting is not a valid form of communication! If it's important, call!"
  13. I left Rockford when I graduated high school. Unemployment in Rockford was at 28% in 1978. I went out to visit the relatives in Nebraska and my parents said look for a job there and don't come back if you find one. I did, so I didn't. The band Cheap trick originated in Rockford, two of them went to the same school as me. But back then, everybody with a guitar or drum set was in a band and going to make it big, so nobody paid any attention to them...until they made it big.
  14. You got that right. Eventually, all seven kids moved out of Illinois with my parents following. Thankfully.
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