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  1. Surprised I don't see this as a thread with 50 pages. Its probably been referenced somewhere. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33843934/a-thinned-georgia-tougher-texas-assessing-spring-overreactions-college-football "...Last month, Sarkisian told reporters that fifth-year defensive lineman Moro Ojomo would not be talking to the media "for a while" after his critical comments about the team's culture. Among other things, Ojomo said his teammates were "18- to 22-year-olds that want to chase women, want to chase money, want to chase alcohol and they don't see the future." "They're distracted by what's in front of them," Ojomo said. "It's such a hard thing, especially guys that haven't been in a winning culture. They're always talking about coming in here and changing stuff. It's like ingrained. You're uprooting, what? Ten years of s--- that's just been let go." Maybe Sarkisian should make Ojomo a team captain."
  2. It seems like a pretty stupid poll. Their discussions of the teams shows why the rankings they have are ridiculous. A&M, NCSU, Okie St., Wake Forest, Cincinnati, Kentucky? A&M wasn't very good but lost a lot of people. NCSU returns a lot, but lost some key people. The rest lost everybody important.
  3. Not sure when the huge escalation started, but I've still got some stubs from '94 when they were $17 a game. And you didn't even need to donate to get guaranteed OU tickets.
  4. This is a seriously jackass part of the policy: "...The following discounted tickets and passes are ineligible for resale on the secondary market: Season tickets where the donation level is below the current published per-seat contribution..."
  5. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/cincinnati-houston-ucf-negotiating-settlement-to-join-big-12-2023 Per McMurphy (no nothing on UT's exit date): "Cincinnati, Houston and UCF are negotiating a settlement in the “$17 million to $20 million range,” which would allow the schools to exit the American Athletic Conference early and officially join the Big 12 on July 1, 2023, sources told Action Network. The completion of that deal would then allow the six Conference USA schools — Charlotte, FAU, North Texas, Rice, UAB and UTSA — to join the AAC on July 1, 2023.... Multiple sources said they are “fully confident” that a settlement will be reached this month by UC, UH, UCF and the AAC. The addition of BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF will give the Big 12 14 members next season, including Oklahoma and Texas, which will be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC in 2025 — unless they negotiate an early exit.... The C-USA schools moving to the American must forego two years of conference revenue to the league, sources said. That amount could range from $1.5 million to $3 million per school, depending on whether College Football Playoff and NCAA basketball tournament revenue is ultimately determined as revenue provided by the league. The exact buyout remains undecided, sources said. Besides those six schools leaving to the American, Conference USA members Marshall, Old Dominion and Southern Miss, along with FCS member James Madison, will begin play in the Sun Belt this season. The C-USA schools negotiated a buyout with the league in the “neighborhood of $1.75 million” in addition to forfeiting one year of conference revenue, sources said."
  6. Wasn't he a 4.0 in the Business Honors Program? Or was that his brother Sam? Either way, he's pretty smart.
  7. I saw him play in college and didn't know he was Black until he was washed up and tried to get attention by protesting the national anthem.
  8. Meanwhile Memphis gets a $7 million naming rights deal. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/football/2022/04/06/memphis-simmons-bank-liberty-stadium-naming-rights-deal-worth-millions/9486162002/ "...According to terms of the deal, sponsorship fees are "for the use and benefit of the Stadium" and designated for "operations and maintenance necessary to maintain the Stadium in a commercially reasonable standard" The contract also contains clauses related to potential stadium renovations as well as the possibility of a new stadium being built either by the city or the University of Memphis." Memphis has been looking at a new stadium (of course I think they have been for 20 years).
  9. USF gets a $5 million gift towards their stadium. https://tampa.cbslocal.com/2022/04/07/usf-receives-a-5-million-gift-for-on-campus-football-stadium/ "...When the stadium site selection was announced, longtime USF supporters Carol and Frank Morsani committed $5 million to the project in the hope that others would follow. The Viniks are the first to answer that call. “We are thrilled that Jeff and Penny have stepped up so generously to support our Bulls and the on-campus stadium,” said Carol and Frank Morsani. “We said just last month that we were looking forward to others joining us in making this project a reality, and now we can’t wait to see who the Viniks’ gift will inspire next.” It is impossible to measure the positive impact the Viniks have had on the Tampa Bay region and the city itself, and their support of the on-campus stadium elevates momentum behind the project to another level, said USF Board of Trustees Chair Will Weatherford. “It takes incredible effort on the part of the Tampa Bay community to make this ambitious goal a reality,” Weatherford said. “We will build this stadium because the Viniks and others like them are leading the herd, setting an example for others to follow.” USF Foundation CEO Jay Stroman and Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly serve as the stadium planning committee co-chairs and told the USF Board of Trustees in their last update that the stadium project schedule includes options for completion in 2026 or 2027...."
  10. Tulane is at the bottom of the AAC in revenue, about $10 million behind Rice. They just don't seem to be willing to pay to play.
  11. Can't believe it too this long to bring up LHB. Miss his Texas Independence Day posts. He showed up periodically on Burnt Orange Fan Zone (founded by Longhorn Fan Zone deadenders) until that site went dark as well. Think too much Charlie Strong killed the owners' interest.
  12. He'll be 70. I never figured him for a 'till death do us part.'
  13. Here's the sad 5 word description: Best coach since 2009 Mack
  14. The article notes BYU is joining in 2023 and it still isn't determined whether the other 3 join in 2023 or 2024.
  15. https://www.oklahoman.com/story/sports/columns/berry-tramel/2022/03/23/big-12-conference-realignment-14-team-league-mike-gundy-oklahoma-state-football/7138437001/#l14r6k7m8lft1llr4ah Bowlsby, Gundy on Big 12: "The Big 12 seems likely to be a 14-team conference in 2023-24 and perhaps the year after that. But Mike Gundy says he believes the Big 12 could settle into a 14-team league even after OU and Texas flee to the Southeastern Conference. “We could be at 14 very easily, five years from now, from what I’m hearing,” Gundy said Tuesday. “I think there’s strength in numbers. When you watch this thing, the Big 12 always had some issues, because people would say, there’s only 10 (members).” Gundy’s assertion is not groundbreaking. Others have mentioned further Big 12 expansion, including commissioner Bob Bowlsby. “We’ll play with 14 for awhile,” Bowlsby told me awhile back. “Then we’ll fall back to 12, and we’ll reassess at that point. That could entail looking at targets for additional expansion, it could entail a strategy to get larger.... “Just like BYU,” Gundy said. “Everybody thought BYU was a Power 5 school forever. I used to flip (channels), and I’d stop and watch ‘em. I think Boise does grab people’s attention.” Alas, the 14th school is not so apparent. That’s where the Big 12 could be in danger of becoming watered down. Memphis and Southern Methodist are traditional expansion candidates. But Memphis has done little to invest in its athletic department – the Tigers have neither their own football stadium or basketball coliseum – and SMU’s fan base has been minimal going on 40 years, since the Pony Express scandals of the 1980s.... A 14-member Big 12 would be culture shock for many. It would include only six original Big 12 members – OSU, Baylor, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Iowa State and Kansas. But culture shock has become the norm in college athletics. "
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