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  1. Just from observation, but I would be surprised if the ACC, Big 10, Pac 12 and Big 12 had nearly as high a % of Black athletes as the average SEC school. And as I showed to the Bruin, Texas and UCLA can talk about racism in current SEC schools when our %s are close to theirs. In the meantime, its a political bash the south move.
  2. % of Black students: UCLA 3.4% Alabama 9.7% University of Mississippi 12.1% University of Georgia 7.5% University of Texas 4.6% So take your bs to the cloak room.
  3. And this is conference realignment. He should go to the cloak room for that discussion.
  4. Total garbage. I lasted 3 minutes of his fake report. First, A&M wasn' t going. That's why Scott flew to Lawrence, KS. He doesn't even know Dodds was AD, not president. Here are the facts on the repeated lies about the LHN. ESPN's offer was made in late October or early November 2010, 5 months after the Pac 16 fell apart. Everyone thought Fox was going to get the LHN and for about $3 million a year, not $15 million. NOBODY had any idea it would be that lucrative. There was a press conference at the time. I don't think the LHN was even mentioned. Texas was willing to do a joint network with aggy, so a joint network with Tech might have been palatable. The LHN DID not exist and wouldn't for a couple years. ESPN and Fox fought the Pac 16 and promised the Big 12 would get comparable money. Fox even did the deal in advance, giving them a "bonus" with the new rate before the old deal expired (probably for Fox accounting reasons-it was the same cash flow as if the Big 12 got the higher rate early). So in the press conference, President Powers, said, basically, "Why go through all this and move for the same money?" He said they worked on schedules to minimize travel and UT realized they could do similar schedules without moving (using ooc). The Pac 16 did not fail because of the LHN. It did not fail because aggy didn't want to play. It failed because the networks didn't want it and offered ALL the Big 12 better money not to do it.
  5. I think it would be better for college football to have at least one other conference to balance out the SEC and Big 10 instead of a bi-polar college football.
  6. Are you saying Northern Arizona has a chance?! (6 of the last 7 cross-country championships).
  7. Jim Williams @JWMediaDC Here are a list of the schools that have been vetted by the @bigten for possible future members. This is not in order of value just they are just they way I wrote them down. Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Georgia Tech, Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Utah, and Miami. It should be noted that when the B10 added Nebraska they were going to invite Maryland as well but held off. Vetting is doing your homework, I am not saying that Oregon or Washington are never getting an invite, what I am saying is not a lock in the next couple of years. Since you referenced it. Now, McMurphy's Big 10 list was Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Miami, FSU and Notre Dame. Maybe FSU and Notre Dame go without saying.
  8. First one not a bad effort, but TN-SC and KY-UGA is weird. You should flip those. TN-UK and UGA-S. Carolina. Both have some fire in the rivalries. Also Auburn-Vandy is odd. Auburn has plenty of schools they would rather play. Maybe S. Carolina-Vandy, Mizzou gets aggy (instead of SC) and Miss. St. gets Auburn.
  9. The UT president at the time said TCU was first out. UH had just gotten on probation and was on a down streak. And their president did NOT have a good relationship with the UT president. But if it had all happened in 1990, UH might have been in somewhere. If it had happened in 1990, KSU would probably now be in the MAC.
  10. Well they have become a good school, but have a Cougar high administration (other than their president Khator).
  11. UH does have 17 national titles, 16 in golf. That ranks them 38th in the NCAA, 33rd among P5 schools, 3rd in Texas. They are behind UT (4th overall) and UTEP and ahead of aggy, sand aggie TCU and baylor.
  12. They're already paying $50-$60 million per SEC school, not $31.7 million. They don't get anymore inventory from the SEC going from 8 to 9 games. Actually get less inventory, just better quality. They may be playing had to get. Or they may be satisfied with Alabama-Presbyterian on the SEC Network.
  13. Well SEC is finally supposed to announce mid-June. Think the date was June 14th.
  14. I think they used to practice golf on a former landfill. They haven't added to their 16 NCAA golf titles. They did manage 4 SWC football titles and 5 NCAA final 4s.
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