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  1. It honestly looked to me like both LBs had no idea how to read and/or play the QB counter
  2. He makes me proud in the same way Ossai made me proud
  3. I would never overcome that, nor would I undercome it. I would come exactly as far from it as a wizard intends.
  4. Posts like this make me wish I could react with both laughing and rage
  5. Remember when the rumor was at least one of our coaches thought we could go undefeated?
  6. When Kansas butt-fucked us, they bottomed out pretty quickly, indicating a lack of depth.
  7. If you're insinuating that @GreenspointTexas called and threatened Blair Cherry's wife at 3AM, I'll remind you that he's only a nurse, not an MD
  8. Not saying I necessarily disagree, but shouldn't the fact that we are the richest program in the country imply that we have more guys who are richer, and so we need less from them to be rich? My (distant) second team is Auburn, and I imagine they have to invite Jimmy Rane over multiple times a year, cradle the balls, and stroke the shaft just to get some of those beaucoup YellaWood bucks. But that isn't us.
  9. So, combining this with what I heard about us having juniors and seniors, it sure seems like he's saying they aren't leaders.
  10. This is speculation on my part, but I think if some self-awareness and self-reflection were demonstrated by those representing UT during the interview process, it would alleviate many the concerns of the coaches being interviewed
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