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  1. It is a proud family that has served for years.
  2. Yeah, it seems like the switch concept between the left receivers 1 and 2 indicates cover 1 man. For any 3 match coverage, they'd hand those receivers off to each other, right?
  3. Angilau clearly recognized his mistake mid-play. Do you think he initially thought it was inside zone to the left?
  4. In my opinion, that looks like holds by both tackles.
  5. Any prospect who listens to Ween instantly jumps to a 5 star on my recruiting board.
  6. That's the mills concept combined with shallow cross: http://smartfootball.com/offense/the-science-of-the-post-going-deep-with-mills I wish I had more evidence, but I kinda feel like the deep post hasn't been one of Ehlinger's better throws.
  7. Maybe I suck at reading comprehension, but what are "the former" and "the latter" in your statement?
  8. My source cannot confirm that he has any white friends. Source: Am white and have no friends.
  9. I low key dig the fact that Miami plays more one high safety than any college team that I can think of.
  10. It's only a shame he would have arguably been more effective with last year's offense, assuming we are going to be more vertical this year.
  11. I've heard good things about Parker Braun, but does anyone know if he's more of a puller or more of a down blocker?
  12. If anything, losing Andrew Beck might simply necessitate running this with a flexed TE and/or having the TE run a seam constraint to maximize our personnel's strengths.
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