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  1. The problem is TxPreps treat Austin as the mecca of their football careers. Austin as the destination, the guys who are serious about grinding for football or are not considered Texas takes end up in SEC cities or Norman Oklahoma that are ENTIRELY football first. You all love talking about Austin and the options for recruits, I'd be curious if you tracked development/expansion of the entertainment district since say 2005 if you'd see the cultural buy in problem
  2. Is crowdsourcing a ban cause your feelings are hurt.
  3. I'm sorry you all are under the impression you know how to manage a roster more so than Riley. I'll defer to this boards wealth of knowledge and experience on the matter of managing that. Oklahoma has won plenty of OOC games vs ranked programs while your program walks around with its pecker in hand.
  4. Charmin Extra Soft if that was considered swinging. OU is fine on numbers and on scholarship room Sooner Scoop posted a scholarship breakdown and OU isn't close to being in jeopardy of any limit
  5. I did appreciate the outreach before the pussy crowdbanning begins.
  6. I mean things could be worse, OU could be on its third coach in a decade.
  7. 'Focus was on '20 Bryce Young and trying to shake him loose from USC, that doesn't seem likely now. Riley end up taking a juco or pluck some AAC/CUSA kid late for depth. No one for '20 is on our radar at this point, we're all in on our '21 Brock Brock Bandagriff
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