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  1. Been reading posts on facebook with the same tired and worn out reasons for avoiding any gun reform: "Criminals will always find a way to get them" or "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." etc. etc. etc
  2. I drink pretty much every day, does that make me an alcoholic?
  3. No thanks. I think I'd rather slam a door on my "cougar tail."
  4. The sooner we end our dependence on fossil fuels, the better. That's all I have to add.
  5. Sporting one of those suits would make it easier for women to see me sporting my bulging package.
  6. It's in the article.... https://apnews.com/43ddd669b1caabd5ebdef2481d85e17f I'm not saying its true either way, just citing a rumor.
  7. Thinking of buying a Concept2 Model D rower so I can get in better shape.
  8. I see ISU as a lucky Colordao St, as they were simply grandfathered in with the P5 despite lack of on-the-field merit. They're not exactly dead weight since they do bring regional value, but in terms of national appeal, they aren't ,much different. I'd be fine with a P5 split as long as the few Independents and G5s (BYU, Boise State, UCF, etc) that actually carry more of their weight and bring more value then much of the P5 are included (promoted) as they bring more to the table (in terms of interest and revenue) and the deadweight P5s (Rutgers, Wake Forrest, Oregon State, etc) are dropped down to G5.
  9. They'are already talking about doing mostly that.
  10. It's because they've sold their souls and think only of themselves.
  11. Players union reportedly discussing playing all games in Arizona. https://apnews.com/43ddd669b1caabd5ebdef2481d85e17f
  12. Are you implying that the Big 12 provides competent administrative leadership? LOL They would need to dump off the dead weight and promote programs of value in order to make it viable.
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