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  1. So happy for Andy Reid and Daniel Sorenson, both BYU alumni. Not many people make the connection but he's a LaVell Edwards disciple and patterns his coaching and management and mentoring style after him. It's no wonder the players love him and he's always represented BYU well.
  2. I recommend the TCL 65" for $450 at Walmart. Great picture, sound and as good a the Samsung I previously owned. I got my brand new TCL 65" for free since Walmart sent me a broken refurbished one. I plan on mounting two 43" tvs below it so I can stream 3 different games at once during the college football season.
  3. If it were me, I'd go to Walmart and get a TCL, its got a high quality picture but at a more affordable price then what you'll find at Costco. But if $$$ were no issue, I'd spring for that 86" LG they have on sale at Costco for $1,800.
  4. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving conference.
  5. Here you go. It took me a little while to dig around but I found it.
  6. You're joking right? I've never seen such a high concentration of talent anywhere as I have in the UK. True Story, I was riding a train in Scotland with Miss Manchester 2009 Sara Beverley. I got so distracted by her that I left my jacket (in Scotland of all places) on the train because I was so focused on helping her with her luggage. She had a pert derriere, I might add... and yes, I do have pics.
  7. My late grandmother loved her cat. In fact, on her will, she had stipulated that she wanted to be buried with her most favorite possessions. Her cat was not happy about that decision....
  8. Normally I would crack a joke or say something about the fiancee, would, etc. But this is just tragic. To think of what he had and lost and to think of her loss as well and that of both of their families.
  9. Ewe, not you just put visions of wrinkly old genitalia with discharges in my mind. I did not need that visual before my chicken fried steak (with country gravy) lunch.
  10. Kind of makes me glad I went to a school with no fraternity system to encourage hazing.
  11. This 150 list has no credibility if they left out Jim MacMahon or Ty Detmer. Both rewrote the books with records that lasted for years.
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