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  1. Get back to me when ISU can match the high level of academics of BYU. There's a reason we are recruited nationally.
  2. At least we got a decent opponent for the Laborday Night Game
  3. I used to live in Maple Valley. It's not off the beaten path and right next to Kent and Renton, but is surrounded on 3 sides by forrest but all of the highways there lead to other suburbs, so it makes one wonder why she decided to venture away from the highway into the dense forest? Maple Valley is pretty freaking awesome place to live though, I miss living there, especially this time of year.
  4. Utah, Michigan State, Arizona State, Minnesota, Missouri and Stanford all gone from the schedule. There's really only one non-P5 school I look forward to playing and it's Boise State, atleast we still have them on the schedule (unless the MWC goes conference only).
  5. If they change or replace teams they'll be going back to 12.
  6. Who's this Geoff Ketchum guy and does he have any credibility?
  7. If MLB cancels, then there's no way we'll have football (NFL or NCAA) this year.
  8. That was a shot by Joey. Never thought we'd see a right field upper deck HR in GLF.
  9. It was very close, that umpire must have incredibly fast vision.
  10. The powder blue uniforms look even better then I was expecting. Man, they look sharp! Probably my favorite uni combo the rangers have.
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