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  1. Predictable loss and got the W Saturday. Successful road trip. Take care of business at home now.
  2. Without Nadal, Federer's numbers would be insane. He wouldve won multiple calendar year grand slams. You can probably say the same for Djokovic. But the competition against each other pushed their levels to the highest levels we will probably ever see. Those 3 have won virtually every slam since 2004. Which is fucking bananas.
  3. Three best to ever pick up the racket. And we all got to watch them go at it in their prime. What a treat. Nice to see Novak persevere through all of the adversity he faced and come out on top. Never been a big Novak fan but gained a lot of respect for him bouncing back. I think it is inevitable that he will win the slam race at this point.
  4. Cool. Then the refs were just randomly horrible against the Bengals. Either way, they got jobbed.
  5. Lots of reasons. Andy Reid plays his old team. Mahomes is the next Brady. Kelce brothers in the super bowl. Mahomes is a much bigger draw than boring Joe Burrow. Plenty of reasons. I dont think it was rigged. But the refs gave the Chiefs a huge margin for error while they gave the Bengals no wiggle room at all.
  6. Bingo. It was a weak ass call and the ref threw the flag way late once he heard the crowd. Total BS.
  7. This was obviously setup for KC to win. Insane how rigged the reffing was.
  8. We beat a sub .500 team, let's not start sucking each others dicks just yet.
  9. He isn't retiring yet. He will play with another team next year and give it another go for a season or two if they are good. He didnt throw away his marriage to just retire one season later. He got divorced because he probably told her that he still has the itch to play a few more seasons and she probably said fuck this Im out.
  10. Why no field goal? You have to get a field goal and some combination of touchdowns... Surprising
  11. Im afraid we will get assblasted by San Fran. They are the team that scares me the most in the NFC.
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