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  1. i played shit ton of quake 2 back in the day too. got my sniping skills purely from using the railgun
  2. holy shit they even stole an AR as well, just ransacked the room..
  3. Just read some notes from the tOSU spring game and found no mention of Julian Fleming. Hopefully the possible secret WR is him and that he decides to enter the portal after spring practices are over. Also Jaxson Smith-Njigba doing really well... fuck you Herman and Merengue
  4. Just show the practice film to Worthy and tell him playing time is up for grabs
  5. really hope that Choate can turn Gbenga into a future all american LB
  6. sad to hear that we don't have a deep threat... plz come back Quentin Johnston
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqS7hZnnf2/?igshid=1d9c5milzdf4h New video of our oline vs dline... how they looking in technique vs athletism?
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